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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I can do this

 Gone are the days of sleeping into ten. Mornings come too quick and bed never is soon enough. The list of things to do seems never ending. With all odds against me I try. With tired feet, and a full heart I carry on. There are some moments that I wish I could escape. To a far away place where serene silence abounds. Then I yearn to hold and kiss my dears. Back to reality, and that moment of escape does not seem so great. I am the one who can make all things better. It is me they depend on, and me who is blessed to be called mom. At last bed time is here. I kneel on my tired knees. With zero strength, but some how muster up the emotions to my Father above. I pray to be quick to patience, and slow to anger. I cry for knowledge, and understanding. Most of all I give thanks. For the blessings and the sorrows, because I am blessed with tomorrow. I hear so often this time goes fast. So I will live in the moment, and take it all in. So I can look back, and think " I did that"

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