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Monday, November 10, 2014

Life with Fishing is pure bliss

This summer entailed lots of fishing trips. Some trips were just as a family, and others friends tagged along with us. I never thought I would enjoy fishing. But life slows down as we are all surrounded our fishing poles, ready to race to the net and swoop of the fish brought in on the line. Life is brought back to simplicity, and we are able to just enjoy each other. I usually bring a book and I can escape to my own serenity in a wonderful book. We even venture out to kolab. The beauty was truly breath taking, and we had Papa, and Nana with us. That made that trip all the more special. One thing that really helps in making these trips fun is Jeff is a true fisherman. When he is around we always catch fish. Jeff takes his fishing pretty seriously, and even went as far as going in after a line that was caught on a rock!! We are sol blessed as a family, to be surrounded by so much beauty. I look forward to our many more adventures!!

I could eat her face, she is so yummy

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