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His & Her = two

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To the sweetest little girl

Dear Sydney Bear
I am sitting here on April 9th 2013. I cannot help, but to think of this night 3 years ago. I was working at Olive Garden doing take out. My induction had been set for the coming Wednesday. I was bummed you had not graced us with your presence. Being 3 days overdue, I was pretty sure I would be induced. I was determined to not slow down in hopes of making time go by quickly. We had a mandatory work meeting Saturday morning, and jokingly I told my boss I would not be coming because I would be havin a baby. Well around 6 oclock right in the midst of the Friday night rush the computers started acting funny. By 7 they were totally down. We were unable to process any credit cards, and our company computer help was unable to get it back up. They asked to have us wait until 8 and if the computers were still down to close the restaurant. 8 came around, and we had all the guests leave. Jeff and I were excited to be able to have some night available. We sat down with our friends at work and had dinner. It was a really fun time. We almost ended up in the hospital during dinner due to one of your dads choking spells! After dinner your dad and I went home. I decided I just wanted to take a bath, and relax. I was so relaxed, and I felt great. I got out of the tub, and went downstairs to watch TV on the couch. Your dad was up in bed, but I still needed a minute to unwind. Not to long after I sat down did I hear a POP! It sounded as if my elbow or finger had popped, but I was sitting still. I waited, and than I felt a little rush of water. I hurried to the bathroom, and the water continued to trickle out. My idea of when your water breaks was a huge gush of water. So this was a tad strange. I called to your dad, and RAN down stairs. He asked if I was peeing, due to the sound. I said no, and from there we decided we should head to the hospital. I glanced at the clock it was just about 11:45. I was so thankful the computers at work had crashed, or else I would have still been at work!! We called your aunt Jenny, and grandma. We checked into the hospital, and I was admitted. Your dad, and I could not believe how fast this was happening. I was so excited to kiss your sweet face, I could not wait. Unfortunately wait is just what I did. After 5 hrs of pushing, and having to re position you, you came!!! We were so concerned, you did not cry, and you were black. Your eyes were bulging out, do to the fact of waiting so long in my birth canal. The room, was quiet. I was blessed with a calm, and soon I heard my baby cry. The sweetest sound I had yet to hear. You were as sweet as could be. You were worth all the effort, and wait. Your dad loved you right away. You have ceased to be the highlight of our life’s. You are continually growing into such an amazing little girl. It blows my mind to think my little Sydney is going to be 3 yrs old!! You have changed me for the better, and have helped me to grow. You are so full of love, and the light of Christ. You are one of the most amazing people I have yet to meet. I am so lucky to be able to call you my daughter. I hope to be able to be the best mom to you. Theses 3 years have been the best time of my life. You will always be my little girl.
I’ll like you forever
I’ll love you for always
As long as I am living my baby you will be
I love you so much sweet bear bear!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

mabin fun/ country livin


The weather lately has been so nice . We are soaking up all the sun we can. This past week we were able to have grandma and grandpa up for a whole week. Sydney & Sadie loved being able to go out and play in the dirt with grandma! Sydney loves her grandma, and loves being able to “help” her keep up the mabin yard. Sydney is a little nervous about the tractor, but loved pretending to drive it. The mabin has an amazing toy room, and we went over this week to play. Sydney is so organized, she loves to line up all her toys. So the blocks were a hit. Sydney & Sadie loved playing foosball, and made up their own rules!! We have been going on evening walks. On our walks Jeff likes to bring his gun to shoot rabbits. Also we enjoy spotting deer. It is so neat to find them. This place has been so much fun for the girls. We will never be able to go back to having no back yard!

California trip

Jeff’s job has been a blessing in so many ways. One of these blessings is getting to get away to California more often. Jeff Covers the Malibu resort marketing, as well as the Saint George resort. Any of the California trips he takes, I try my hardest to tag along. We were able to go recently, and it was so fun. Sadly both Sydney, and Sadie got sick while there so they were not on there best behavior. But I was more than thrilled to have all the family time I could. I got to stay with both of my sisters, and saw my mom almost every day! We also were able to go see a sunset at the beach. It was incredible. Sydney is still asking about her cousin Kailey! I was also able to catch up with some friends, it is always fun seeing where every one is now! My brother also made a last minute visit, and it was so fun to see him! Sydney & Sadie are both daddies girl's so being in a new place with no dad was a bit hard on them. Especially Sadie. On our drive back she refused to let go of him literally. Even the next day she would not leave his side, and actually fell asleep on him!!

Random Moments

Sydney gets way bad bloody nose’s. Jeff gets them as well, so I am not too concerned. The other night Jeff and I heard Sydney fussing in her bed. That was unusual, because she will usually fall right asleep. We waited a minute, and she stopped. We thought nothing of it. Well the next morning I went to go grab Sydney, and this is what I found!! Poor thing had a bloody nose. She said “Mama, I have red boogers!”
Doing laundry around here is hit or miss. Sometimes I am able to put the clothes away, and the girls will just play. Other times this happens….

Sydney and Sadie were playing with me, and I was putting away clothes. Well I heard them go down stairs. They both were in crazy moods, so I knew I could not leave them alone. So I hurried, and put away the item of clothing I had. Than I ran downstairs. This happened seriously with in a minute!!


Easter this year was pretty low key. With the option of a house in the near future, our family is trying to be extra careful with spending. Thankfully the small town we live in throws a pretty amazing Easter egg hunt. The girls scored with TONS of candy, and fun prizes. I am pretty sure they got more candy from the Easter egg hunt than they did at Halloween. Also their grandma Littell put together a small Easter Egg hunt for the girls. They loved it. We did dye eggs, but I realized when I tried to open one. The eggs were not all the way cooked!!!! Looks like I need some more practice on hard cooking hard boiled eggs. We were able to spend time with both sides of the family. We had Easter dinner at Grandma Roberts house, and it was amazing. We are so blessed to have such awesome family all around us!


A much needed update

Sydney & Sadie will not stop growing!!Sadie is 28 pounds, while Sydney is 33. Sydney has had an amazing appetite lately. She must be growing, and I am soaking in how well she is eating. Sydney almost looks chubby, so I am sure she is going to sprout up. Sadie is still the best little eater, and as bossy as every. Sadie has such a little personality, and keeps us on our toes. We are going to have to really work with her to be nice to other little kids. Sydney has always been easy going, and friendly. Sadie is to an extent, but she is bossy. I think it is because she has Sydney telling her what to do. Sydney & Sadie are nursery pro’s, and absolutely love nursery. It is a way nice break for Jeff & I. We just put an offer in on a house. We were trying not to really talk about it. We are at the point that we are okay with whatever happens. The house is a short sale, and our offer was accepted by the buyer. It is now in the banks hands. This can be a pretty long process, so we are just hangin in there. This pregnancy lately has been so easy. With all the running around I do, I am surprised I am not more tired. It is a a true blessing. By the bed time all that running around starts to catch up to me, but I just go to sleep. Our little girl is THE most active baby I have had yet. Which is crazy, because Sadie was wild. I am praying that her craziness will not continue out of the womb. I will for go crazier if I have another Sadie!!!