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Thursday, April 4, 2013

mabin fun/ country livin


The weather lately has been so nice . We are soaking up all the sun we can. This past week we were able to have grandma and grandpa up for a whole week. Sydney & Sadie loved being able to go out and play in the dirt with grandma! Sydney loves her grandma, and loves being able to “help” her keep up the mabin yard. Sydney is a little nervous about the tractor, but loved pretending to drive it. The mabin has an amazing toy room, and we went over this week to play. Sydney is so organized, she loves to line up all her toys. So the blocks were a hit. Sydney & Sadie loved playing foosball, and made up their own rules!! We have been going on evening walks. On our walks Jeff likes to bring his gun to shoot rabbits. Also we enjoy spotting deer. It is so neat to find them. This place has been so much fun for the girls. We will never be able to go back to having no back yard!

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