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His & Her = two

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sadie 5 Months

My baby is so big, I love her more and more each day. Sadie is still a baby, and I love it!!! I love that she is taking her time growing up, she has her entire life to do that. It is so funny how with Sydney I thought milestones are so important, and was so worried, that she would not do everything at the exact time she was "suppose" to. I now am understanding, that even though people make meeting milestones such a big deal, it really is not a big deal. Just because my baby rolls over before someone elses, does not mean my baby is smarter, and that their baby is behind. I am loving that I figured this out. I love not having to worry/care, about "keeping up".
Sadie is super smart, and is such a smiley baby. She is so curious, and loves to grab EVERYTHING! She is still in love with her sister. We took both of them to the doctor, and between Sydney, and Sadie there is only a 4 pound difference!! She is so chubby, and I love it. In fact Sydney sits in Sadie's bumbo, and can get out just fine. Sadie on the other hand gets stuck. The bumbo has really saved me, and has actually taught Sadie how to sit up. She has been sitting up, since last month. Sadie has officially started on oatmeal/rice cereal. She gobbles it up!! The first time I started feeding her, I was prepared to have pretty much everything come right back out. I should have known, Sadie was born to eat!! She swallowed it instantly, and I could not get it in her mouth quick enough. I am excited to start next month, with veggies. I am sure she will be so happy. She is always grabbing for our food, and is so sad disappointed when we take it away. I am so in love with this girl. Unlike her sister when she wakes up, she is the happiest little girl. She smiles so big, and it just melts my heart. I love you Sadie Roo!!

Sadie 5 months!!

What I wake up to daily!

They love sitting together

Pretty Baby

I LOVE her cheeks

Best Friends


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was a BLAST! I have an amazing friend, who can basically do anything. I had the great idea to have Sydney be Cindy Lou-Hoo. I knew finding a pink gown would be hard. So I decided to attempt to make it. This is where I recruited Lindsy!! She is an amazing seamstress, and was willing to help take on the task. I sewed a few stitches, but she really did it all! It was darling! Sadie was a Hoo, and was darling as usual. We went Trick-or-Treating, in a fantasy world! Seriously this place was unreal. There was a little train that took the kids on rides. Homemade, kettle corn, corn dogs, fries, donuts, and hot chocolate! Sydney was havin a blast. At first she did not fully understand, but by the end she would scream, if we did not stop at every house!!
My Inspiration

Before Candy

After Candy

She looks like her doesn't she!??