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His & Her = two

Friday, December 28, 2012

PetSmart is where....

                    THE ROBERTS GO……..
Who needs a zoo when you got petsmart? Or at least that is what I tell myself. You will often find the girls and I wondering the isles. They have all sorts of animals. The one I wish they had was monkeys..I wonder if I could request those?? Anyhow it passes time, and keeps the girls entertained. 

Happens everytime

Sweet Moments

The other day I found Sydney on my bed. She was flipping through The Book Of Mormon, and when she saw me she said “ look mama I reading Jesus Christ”!

The girls love walking around in my high heals. I was able to catch Sadie in the act.

The other morning I got the girls up, and fed them breakfast. As I usually do, but this morning they were so sweet. It really helped me to stop, and soak in how lucky I am to be their mamma.

Sadie is such a character! She put on those black shoes so she could tap! I have no clue why she is crying, but she was laughing the very next second. We have a drama queen on our hands

Christmas Craft

We are always trying to figure out fun things to do. The girls love crafts, so I try to make an effort to do them with them often. We did cotton ball snowman, and the girls loved gluing the cotton on. Sadie got the concept. Sydney on the other hand wanted to make lines!!

Christmas 2012

 Christmas this year was so much fun! We were able to drive to California, and spend a few days before, and Christmas with them. I totally forgot how nice the weather is even around Christmas. It was chilly, but a lot warmer than Saint George. The girls were able to play outside a lot, and they loved it. We stayed with my sister Kelly, and I could have stayed forever!! My sister Katherine recently moved to California, so it was so fun being able to see everyone! I miss them all so much already, but if all goes right Jeff has to go back in February. I am hoping to tag along. This trip was relaxing, and full of family time. Sydney and Sadie love baby Hyrum, and baby Quinn, and talk about them daily. While we were in California we were able to do one of my favorite things! There is a hotel in Riverside, called the Mission Inn. It is a very nice hotel, and really old. Every year they decorate the entire hotel, and surrounding buildings with the most amazing lights. I swear it is magical. Jeff, and the girls really loved it. It brought back so many fun memories. While we were there we also got to go to this way fun kids play place. It is called Seascape. I recommend, any of my friends from California, with kids to go check it out. It is in Anaheim. Katherine, William, Kailey, and Quinn were able to meet us there. The kids literally played for four hours!! They would have played for longer, but we were ready to go. We will for sure go back, next visit! We were planning on going to Disneyland on Saturday. I was a little unprepared, and had not looked at ticket prices. This was going to be the kid’s present so we were not too concerned. Well on Friday night I checked them out, and they were $87.00 per adult, for 1 park! They jumped way up. Jeff, and I talked it over, and decided maybe we should wait. We are thinking when we do go we will get a hotel, and do a bundle deal. It is a better deal, and that way you can go multiple days. So instead Katherine told us about this amazing boat parade that is put on. People decorate there yachts, and spend thousand of dollars on them. Than they parade them along the harbor. It was AMAZING!! One of the neatest things I have seen. The time was well spent, but it went way too quickly! We cannot wait until our next visit.

Hyrum just being cute! The ball blower. You put balls in, and it shoots them out!!

Sydney played with this ball launcher FOREVER!!

The kids loved all the slides. Sydney, and Sadie had no fear. Kailey had Sydney sit on her lap a few times

This is the mission Inn
This is the boat show

William lost his first tooth, at Seascape!!!

Sydney reading with grandma

Kissing cousins..Sadie taught Hyrum how to Kiss...sorry

Christmas pajamas!! I know they are kinda short haha. I took them back, and got a bigger size

The only decent picture of the two of them

Christmas Traditions

This year Christmas was so much fun. The girls are truly starting to understand it. I have decided not to focus on Santa, or gifts with Christmas. They believe in Santa, and they get gifts. I just want to stay away from a super wordly Christmas. It is so important to remember the true meaning. Jeff and I have decided to only do 1 or 2 Santa gifts, the rest will be from us. We went, and looked at the temple lights a few times. The girls loved it! Sydney already understands a little about the nativity, and I love how excited she gets to see Baby Jesus. When I was a a kid my parents would take us around to look at Christmas lights. I loved this tradition, and wanted to do it with my kids. This year was my first attempt, and they loved it!! I popped some popcorn, and told them we were going to go look at lights. They did not even fuss about getting into their car seats. As we passed each house the girls would oo and ahh. It was precious!! We also were able to go to the Tuacahn nativity. We went last year, and I have decided as long as we live in Saint George we will go. It is such an awesome show. Also Santa is 10x better than the mall Santa, and you are allowed to take your own pictures!! Every year since Jeff and I have been married I have made sugar cookies, and dropped them off to people. Well this year I slacked!!! I will do it next year!!! 

Sadie was not too sure...
Sydney's first picture with Santa Clause  8 months
Bad mom moment... Sadies first Santa Clause 18 months...
Sadies First Christmas
Sadies Second Christmas
Sydneys Second Christmas
Sydneys third Christmas
Girls last year
Girls this year
At the Nativity, Sadie looked hilarious in this hat!!

After looking at Chrismas lights we came home, and made homemade hot chocolate, and started a fire!!

Before looking at Christmas lights

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sweet Connecticut

My thoughts have been unable to wonder very far. In the back of my head since Friday morning has been a sadness for these sweet children, and families. I cannot comprehend the turmoil, and grief these families must feel. I was aware the world would get extremely wicked. I was unprepared for this. A part of me wondered if Christ would come. How much worse can it become? I am terrified of what is in store for my sweet babe’s. I take comfort in knowing, my girls are some of the most elect. With the help of my Heavenly Father I can teach them of the sweet gospel. They are strong enough, and I know that come what may there is a plan. This incident really made me think. I really want to express to my children my testimony. I want to be able to tell them just how wonderful Heaven is. I want them to not be afraid of death. I want to make sure they know there is life after this. Heaven forbid they have to leave this earth before me. but if it is so, I want them to know our Heavenly Father will be there. I want my children to not fear, and be able to live life to the fullest. I want the best of this life for them. With this, in this day and age. I think death must not be feared. These conversations with my girls will be sacred, and I am sure they won’t be the easiest. But I want to let them know that I love them, even if they are not with me they are loved. In the life to come they will be loved, and I will see them again. It breaks my heart to think some of these families do not know of a life after this. I wish I could give them my testimony. Instead I will be a better missionary, and teacher to my girls. There was a man who lost his beautiful little girl.  There is not a doubt in my mind that he is LDS. I only hope, that if faced with what he has had to face I can be this strong.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Pictures

This year I attempted setting up a Family picture day, and it never seemed to workout. Before I knew it, Christmas was around the corner. Jeff's amazing aunt said she would take a few pictures of us, and Jeff did most of the editing! I was very pleased with his work. Of course Sydney did not sleep well for her nap, and so she was not the most candid. We got a few, and thats all we need. We love Marlynn, and we are so thankful to her for taking time to do these!!