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Monday, December 10, 2012

Fun Reasons to have kids….for those rough days

So I had some time to think about the bonus’s of being a parent!! I was having a off day, and this totally made it better!
*You have an excuse to rock out during sacrament hymns… it sooths the children
* You can sing to the songs in the stores. No one looks at you like you are crazy, or at least I don’t notice
* You get to go to story time, and totally sing to the itsy bitsy spider, and you are not the only parent!!
* I have a friend, where ever I go when the girls are with me
* I have a reason to leave awkward situations…”oh uh Sydney is tired….”
*It makes the holidays just as fun as when I was a kid, if not better!!
* I can be talking to myself, but just act like I am directing it to the girls!
*I can dance through the isles at the store…It keeps the girls from screaming!!
* I get to play with dolls, and pretend there are alligators under my bed!
*Although it is not easy at times, I get to wake up and see them every morning
* Re living all the joys of childhood
* I get to watch Sesame Street!!
* I get to take snacks to church, they are technically for the girls Winking smile

The list could go on, and on. I am so grateful for my family.

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  1. Love your list!! The whole talking out loud to yourself at the grocery store..ya LOVE that trick! ha ha You're such a cute momma!!