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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Traditions

This year Christmas was so much fun. The girls are truly starting to understand it. I have decided not to focus on Santa, or gifts with Christmas. They believe in Santa, and they get gifts. I just want to stay away from a super wordly Christmas. It is so important to remember the true meaning. Jeff and I have decided to only do 1 or 2 Santa gifts, the rest will be from us. We went, and looked at the temple lights a few times. The girls loved it! Sydney already understands a little about the nativity, and I love how excited she gets to see Baby Jesus. When I was a a kid my parents would take us around to look at Christmas lights. I loved this tradition, and wanted to do it with my kids. This year was my first attempt, and they loved it!! I popped some popcorn, and told them we were going to go look at lights. They did not even fuss about getting into their car seats. As we passed each house the girls would oo and ahh. It was precious!! We also were able to go to the Tuacahn nativity. We went last year, and I have decided as long as we live in Saint George we will go. It is such an awesome show. Also Santa is 10x better than the mall Santa, and you are allowed to take your own pictures!! Every year since Jeff and I have been married I have made sugar cookies, and dropped them off to people. Well this year I slacked!!! I will do it next year!!! 

Sadie was not too sure...
Sydney's first picture with Santa Clause  8 months
Bad mom moment... Sadies first Santa Clause 18 months...
Sadies First Christmas
Sadies Second Christmas
Sydneys Second Christmas
Sydneys third Christmas
Girls last year
Girls this year
At the Nativity, Sadie looked hilarious in this hat!!

After looking at Chrismas lights we came home, and made homemade hot chocolate, and started a fire!!

Before looking at Christmas lights

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