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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sweet Connecticut

My thoughts have been unable to wonder very far. In the back of my head since Friday morning has been a sadness for these sweet children, and families. I cannot comprehend the turmoil, and grief these families must feel. I was aware the world would get extremely wicked. I was unprepared for this. A part of me wondered if Christ would come. How much worse can it become? I am terrified of what is in store for my sweet babe’s. I take comfort in knowing, my girls are some of the most elect. With the help of my Heavenly Father I can teach them of the sweet gospel. They are strong enough, and I know that come what may there is a plan. This incident really made me think. I really want to express to my children my testimony. I want to be able to tell them just how wonderful Heaven is. I want them to not be afraid of death. I want to make sure they know there is life after this. Heaven forbid they have to leave this earth before me. but if it is so, I want them to know our Heavenly Father will be there. I want my children to not fear, and be able to live life to the fullest. I want the best of this life for them. With this, in this day and age. I think death must not be feared. These conversations with my girls will be sacred, and I am sure they won’t be the easiest. But I want to let them know that I love them, even if they are not with me they are loved. In the life to come they will be loved, and I will see them again. It breaks my heart to think some of these families do not know of a life after this. I wish I could give them my testimony. Instead I will be a better missionary, and teacher to my girls. There was a man who lost his beautiful little girl.  There is not a doubt in my mind that he is LDS. I only hope, that if faced with what he has had to face I can be this strong.



  1. Yes and Yes!! it's crazy how something so horrific has strengthened my testimony and makes me want to be an even better mom in the home. Thanks for sharing your sweet testimony!

  2. Agreed. And yes, the Parkers are LDS. They actually had Emilie's body flown back to Utah today; I believe her funeral is Saturday. My heart breaks for the families, but it also breaks for the world! I can't believe how much more evil is present now than when we were kids (oh gosh, I sound like my mom!). It also makes me feel extremely selfish to have even brought a baby into this world because she was oh-so-much safer in heaven. I hope I can be as optimistic as you when it comes to raising her appropriately.

  3. Amanda, You are a fantastic mama. Sydney and Sadie are very blessed to have you as their mom. What a blessing we having knowing the plan of salvation and having eternal families. Love NEVER ends. xoxox