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His & Her = two

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fun Reasons to live out in the middle of no-where

                                                 Most important, Lots of family time....

Sweet Moments

We had a LONG day of shopping today!! The girls were troopers, and did not start to lose it until the end. We were in line at the store, and Syd had a small break down, I comforted her, and gave her a hug. Within the next few minutes Sadie had a break down. This time I looked back, and I saw Sydney scratching Sadie’s head and saying “ it’s okay sista we are almost done, I love you”. It melted my heart, and made me so proud of my sweet bear bear.
Sadie has THE cutest cheesy smile that she does. Every once in a while she will do it on que. Today she seriously did it 15 times for me!! It was the best!!
This week we were cursed blessed with pink eye!! Sydney HATED eye drops, but would never let us forget to give them to her. She would find the eyedrops, and volunteer Sadie first. She would than lay down, and ask daddy to hold her hands. She would then proceed to kick/scream/wiggle, as if she was being tortured. When we were done, through hysterical cries she would inform us she was okay!!
We were blessed to have family here for Thanksgiving. Sadie loved baby Daniel, and baby Adlynn. She would make sure, and point them out to us whenever we walked into a room! We all started to watch a movie, and I got concerned. Sydney was being her loud self, but Sadie was no where in site. I got up, and looked around. I than saw her laying cuddled up with Jaden! She was as quiet as could be. I asked him if Sadie was asleep, and he said no!! She seriously sat with him for a good 30 mins! Would have longer if we had not taken her to put to bed!!
Sydney loves to look for deer with her dad. Hickish..I know. Before I could stop it the damage was done!! Well the other night, Sydney went out with her dad to put away trash. To his delight, Sydney yelled out “DEER”. Sure enough not too far off was a deer!! Jeff was a happy daddy!!
Sadie is such a good sister sometimes always. She never will get a treat,drink, toy, ect without making sure she has one to take back to sister! She grabs whatever it is, and as fast as her chubby legs can carry her she runs to sister to share!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet Moments

This week was super chill. The girls, and I just relaxed. It has gotten colder outside, and it has made going out.. chilly! I love spending times with these little ones, they always put a smile on my face!
I was making breakfast, and I called to Jeff, and asked if he wanted me to bring it to him. Next thing I heard was..”Jeff come get breakfast”!! Sydney all morning called Jeff Jeff!!

Sadie is such a ladie!! Lately she has been walking around with her sparkly shoes, and white beaded necklace. She could be in a diaper, but these two accessories will be on.(bad mom moment, must get pic)

Jeff took Sydney on a horse ride, to go find deer. When they came back, Sydney would not stop talking about all the deer! It was so cute. Jeff said Spice got a little excited, and starting galloping, and Sydney said “ho boy ho”!! She is talking more and more I love our conversations!!

Sadie is blessed to have amazing grandparents. She loves them all!! The one that she is super close to is Grandpa Roberts. She seriously loves that man! I left something at their house, and Sadie and I went to go pick it up. When we got there her first question to gram was “wheres grandpa”. He was not home, and she did not like that! Anytime we are over there she is with him as much as she can be. Her face lights up every time she sees him! I love that she can have that relationship with her GREAT grandpa!

This run was soo fun!!! A group of friends, and I signed up for this run. It was a BLAST! We were not the fastest….but we were for sure the most colorful!!! The chalk was not the tastiest thing. We learned quickly to keep our mouths closed. This did not prevent us from steam rolling on the ground, to get the MOST color possible. I love the girls, and it was so fun to be able to do this with them!!! Hopefully we can do 1 more before Lindsay leaves us for Duke!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Half Marathon=Healing

I decided I wanted to sign up for the snow canyon half. I have only run one other, but snow canyon is my favorite! I decided I wanted to run with the same number I ran with last time. I contacted the race director, and they were so kind. They willingly accommodated my request. I knew this race would be really emotional. I am kind of cheesy, and when I run races I like to pretend I am running for a cause. My first half I dedicated it to all of my sisters trying to get pregnant. The Second Half was dedicated to my sweet little girls. This run was for my Scott, and a sweet little girl named Whitney who recently passed in Snow Canyon. Throughout the race I thought about these 2 people. I can tell you I felt there strength. I ran out all my pain, and all my emotion without out 1 single word. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. As I was running the last mile the song came on “ I can only imagine”. I lost it!! So awkward, I am sure people were wondering what was wrong with me. But in that sweet moment I felt the spirit so strong. This may sound semi crazy, but it was so personal. I want to remember this run. I want to cherish it, and always be grateful for eternal families, and my health. Marathons are incredible. The comradery that is felt with complete strangers is unreal. But in that moment, we all have a common goal and we all give each other strength. I encourage everyone to find something that helps them to be a better person, and something to have passion for. Because of this run, I will be a better mom, a better wife, a better sister, and a better friend! This life is amazing, and if we stop and look around with a open mind we all can see it. There truly is Beauty all around! After the run we had to stop at the store. There was a sale on cheese, and I was craving chocolate milk. I ran inside, and Jeff stayed in the car with the girls. I had cash, and so when I was checking out the chocolate milk I was trying to figure out if I had enough for a gallon or a half. All the sudden this lady approached me and told me she wanted to pay for my things!!! I was stunned. I told her that she did not need to, but she insisted. She made me get a gallon of chocolate milk. She paid for my milk and cheese! I could not believe it. The greatest part about it was she did not look rich. She was humbly dressed, and as sweet as could be. I made a promise to pay it forward. My day has been amazing!

Yes I only have socks on!!! My feet killed, and by the final lap I was so done with my shoes!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year I feel as though we REALLY celebrated Halloween. Dressing up 7 days in a row was a blast. So when I told the girls it was the real thing. They got super excited. They grabbed there buckets, and headed for the door. They really did not want to take pictures, they just wanted to say those three magic words “trick, or, treat”! We met up with some friends. The neighborhoods here are HUGE. We went around 1 block, and it took 2 hours!! It was so nice, the weather was perfect. The street was not busy at all. So we did not have to worry about cars. It truly was Ideal. Each house was so friendly, and gave tons of candy. Jeff and I were pretty excited haha! Sadie was darling. She would go to the door all by herself, say trick or treat and thank you. She than would run back as quick as she could to show us her prize. I will never forget the light in her eyes when she was given candy!! Her chubby hand could not grab it fast enough!! I think her favorite holiday will be Halloween!! Sydney had so much fun, and totally knew what to do. I love having kids during the holidays, it makes all the magic come back. I am so in love with my life. There are hard times, but when night time comes, and I kiss my girls good night all is



Family Fun

We had the fun of having the family at the mabin last weekend. Sydney loved playing with Hannah, and Hayden. She has asked about them since, so we are looking forward to our next visit! We had lots of fun hanging out, doing yard work, and eating! Typical mabin fun. The weather was gorgeous, and the kids had a lot of good playing time. We love when family comes to visit! We also had the pleasure of meeting sweet Kinley. The girls were OBSESSED with her, and loved looking at her. I love how motherly they are…we have to keep a close eye of Sadie she gives rough love!!


This picture is priceless. Hannah

asked grandma why there were

two grasshoppers on top of eachother.

Grandma decided this was one for Amber.


This is Hannah running over to

her mom, to get an answer.


Amber thought quick, and Hannah

walked away satisfied!!




Sadie loved the Hay, but I soon realized

she was allergic. Grandma was so kind, and

kept Sydney. Sadie, and I went back to the house.

The kids loved spending time with grandma. They even

had a picnic on the top of the hay pile. In which

I heard Sydney, had her fill of fruit snacks

for over a week!!!



No matter what grandma always

finds time to pull weeds!!



We love our Mabin time. We are

so grateful to mom, and dad for having

this be our family place!! We are blessed