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His & Her = two

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines day this year was perfect. I made the girls pink heart pancakes, and they each got a balloon. Jeff was able to get most of the day off due to the ultrasound. I asked Jeff if instead of flowers, could I get make up. So I was not thinking I would get anything else. Well he told me he needed to grab something from the mall for his trip to California. I thought that was kind of strange, but I decided not to think in to it. I love to be surprised, and if there was some kind of surprise in it for me than awesome! So we went to the mall. My friend Jacob works at a jewelry store there. I saw him as we passed by. In my head I was like I should get my ring cleaned, but I chickened out. I use to work at a jewelry store with Jacob so I know dirty rings. My ring was past the point of dirty, it is filthy!! I was not ready to show Jacob how awful my ring was. Well Jeff said he wanted to say hi, so we stopped to say hello. Jeff told me to hand over my ring. A diamond fell out not too long ago. So Jeff as a gift to me is replacing the diamond, and getting it dipped! I was so excited!! Jeff and I, for the last 3 Valentines day we stay home, and Jeff BBQ’s steak, lobster, and veggies. I love our tradition. Jeff is an amazing cook, and the food is always ten times better than any restaurant would be. I love my Jeff more than anything. We have an awesome marriage, that with time only get better. I am so blessed. He helps me to be the best I can be. We make quite the parenting team, and I would not wish to parent with anyone else. He is my rock, and my best friend. He is the best 


Leading up to the ultra sound I was calm. I did not have too many concerns. My dreams would say other wise! I seriously had THE saddest dreams. For a good week I kept have crazy dreams about how we would find out the baby was not alive, and have to go through the strangest birthing process’s. I could not be more excited for the day of the ultra sound to come. I scheduled on Valentines day. I thought it would be a fun family activity. We had our ultra sound in the same room we found out about Scott. When I walked in I got a bit emotional, but pulled out of it pretty quick. Sydney sat next to me the entire time. Sadie was being herself, sprinting to the chairs, climbing up, than jumping off!! Our baby is active, but I knew that already. She has all of her organs. Her heart looks amazing. I was so thrilled. Sydney was getting so excited to see the “baby show”! Grandma called to say Happy Valentines day, and Sydney said “ I saw the baby in mama’s belly”! When the ultrasound technician started going toward her legs. Jeff looked at me and said “ There is nothing there, it is a girl”! Hahaha. I knew too. The technician confirmed it, and we could not have been more excited. Our sweet little girl looks so different than Sydney & Sadie, I am so excited to hold her!! I am measuring 19 weeks along. This pregnancy has flown by!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a.....

Our baby has ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, and an itsy bitsy nose!! Our baby is as healthy as can be! Least importantly our baby is a.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sydney is my sweet little big girl. She is so fun to hang out with, and loves to pre tend. Sydney is so independent, and wants to do everything by herself. She still is not the greatest eater. I have decided not to focus on that too much. I allow her to choose what she wants to eat, on her plate. She can count to twenty, tries to go higher, but twenty is usually her go back to number. She knows her Abc’s, and almost knows all of her letters. She loves to draw, and write letters. Sydney is a pretty easy going child, the two’s have definitely made there presence known, but for the most part she is a good little girl! Sydney can be a girly girl, but she loves to play outside, and collects rocks everywhere we go. She loves to pretend to be an airplane. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied "I want to go on a plane". She loves when her hair is pretty, she just hates the getting ready part! She loves shoes, and is starting to get an opinion on what she wears.

I had a Doctors appt this early this week, and Jeff volunteered to 
get Sydney up, and take her to work, until I came and grabbed
her. I was so impressed with how cute he dressed her. He even
did her hair in a perfect pony! He is an amazing dad.

  The other day I went to the bathroom. When I came out I 
felt a draft. I ran to the door, and sure enough it was wide 
open. It had rained for a few days, so it was super muddy outside.
I found Sydney in our neighbors yard, playing with blocks!! 
No shoes, still her her jammies, and covered in mud! We 
are ready for summer.


 Sadie is a firecracker! She has got personality to boot! She is so sweet, and loving. At the same time she is mischievous, and sneaky! In an instant her mood can change. Sadie keeps our family on our toes, and keeps us laughing. She loves to eat, and has the cutest pot belly & cheeks to prove it. I always tease her, and tell her she will have to go to daddies work. When we were taking a bath the other day, Jeff asked if she wanted a beard. She quickly bobbed her head yes! It was hilarious, she kept it on for the entire bath. I am a tad obsessed with this lil girl, and can't get enough....well until 8pm and than it's bed time

As Happy as can be...

Life has been so good lately. I feel as though I finally have this two kid thing down. I have been able to have a clean house for weeks. I love having energy back. I am not sure how I will do three, but I will manage. The girls have gotten into a routine. I have accepted the fact that we live in the booneys, and have started to like it. I definitely have my moments, but all in all I love the quality time I get to spend with my girls. We love story time, and go every week. The girls are starting to even know the songs. I love the librarian who does story time, it is really almost a pre school. I feel like my girls learn so much. There are still some meltdowns throughout, but thankfully they are getting better. The girls are my shopping buddies, and we have actually started to enjoy our shopping trips. Some trips are harder than others, but we make the best of it, and go with the flow. Sydney amazes me daily. She is so smart, and has so much spunk. Her favorite game is a matching game on my phone. I showed her once, and she totally caught on. She plays daily, and gets so excited when she matches them all. If there is a t.v on Sydney will be there watching. This somewhat concerns me, and makes me super cautious of how much t.v she watches. We try to go at least 3 times a week with no t.v. Her favorite movie right now is Little Mermaid. We were sitting at dinner, and Sydney was staring at her fork. I looked at her, and she said “look, a dinglehopper”, Jeff and I died laughing!! She is starting to understand, she is Sadie’s big sister, and is becoming sweeter. Yesterday during our shopping trip Sydney kept on calling sadie sweetheart!! Sydney knows all of our names, and she has been pretty stubborn on saying her name. Finally last week we were going through names, and I said “Sydney what is your name”? She was quite, and I thought she was going to brush it off. Instead she smirked, and said “Sydney Bear”! If anyone asked Sydney her name, she will say Sydney Bear!! Sadie is as cute as ever. I was thinking about our relationship. I remember in the beginning how hard it was, with Sadie being so clingy. At times she gets that way, and it is somewhat hard. Thinking back on it, I am so glad that she was high maintenance. She made us pay attention to her. I know a lot of times with the second child they get kind of over looked. That is not at all the case with Sadie. I think I held her a lot more than I ever held Sydney. It is so funny to say I am grateful for that, but I sincerely am. Sadie is so intelligent, and blows us away daily. She can have a full on conversation with us, and is learning new words daily. She is never too far behind Sydney. Sadie loves to be loved. She loves dogs, and babies. She often has me hold her baby because her baby is “crying”. Sadie loves to take care of her babies owies, and give lots of kisses. Sadie still loves food, and her grandpa Roberts. Sadie is super rough, and loves to wrestle. She is so full of life. I feel like I know her so well. I am excited to watch this amazing little girl grow. She has away of stealing hearts. At night when I lie down for bed, I am seriously overwhelmed with love for those two sweet girls. I love them so immensely!! Life is good!!