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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As Happy as can be...

Life has been so good lately. I feel as though I finally have this two kid thing down. I have been able to have a clean house for weeks. I love having energy back. I am not sure how I will do three, but I will manage. The girls have gotten into a routine. I have accepted the fact that we live in the booneys, and have started to like it. I definitely have my moments, but all in all I love the quality time I get to spend with my girls. We love story time, and go every week. The girls are starting to even know the songs. I love the librarian who does story time, it is really almost a pre school. I feel like my girls learn so much. There are still some meltdowns throughout, but thankfully they are getting better. The girls are my shopping buddies, and we have actually started to enjoy our shopping trips. Some trips are harder than others, but we make the best of it, and go with the flow. Sydney amazes me daily. She is so smart, and has so much spunk. Her favorite game is a matching game on my phone. I showed her once, and she totally caught on. She plays daily, and gets so excited when she matches them all. If there is a t.v on Sydney will be there watching. This somewhat concerns me, and makes me super cautious of how much t.v she watches. We try to go at least 3 times a week with no t.v. Her favorite movie right now is Little Mermaid. We were sitting at dinner, and Sydney was staring at her fork. I looked at her, and she said “look, a dinglehopper”, Jeff and I died laughing!! She is starting to understand, she is Sadie’s big sister, and is becoming sweeter. Yesterday during our shopping trip Sydney kept on calling sadie sweetheart!! Sydney knows all of our names, and she has been pretty stubborn on saying her name. Finally last week we were going through names, and I said “Sydney what is your name”? She was quite, and I thought she was going to brush it off. Instead she smirked, and said “Sydney Bear”! If anyone asked Sydney her name, she will say Sydney Bear!! Sadie is as cute as ever. I was thinking about our relationship. I remember in the beginning how hard it was, with Sadie being so clingy. At times she gets that way, and it is somewhat hard. Thinking back on it, I am so glad that she was high maintenance. She made us pay attention to her. I know a lot of times with the second child they get kind of over looked. That is not at all the case with Sadie. I think I held her a lot more than I ever held Sydney. It is so funny to say I am grateful for that, but I sincerely am. Sadie is so intelligent, and blows us away daily. She can have a full on conversation with us, and is learning new words daily. She is never too far behind Sydney. Sadie loves to be loved. She loves dogs, and babies. She often has me hold her baby because her baby is “crying”. Sadie loves to take care of her babies owies, and give lots of kisses. Sadie still loves food, and her grandpa Roberts. Sadie is super rough, and loves to wrestle. She is so full of life. I feel like I know her so well. I am excited to watch this amazing little girl grow. She has away of stealing hearts. At night when I lie down for bed, I am seriously overwhelmed with love for those two sweet girls. I love them so immensely!! Life is good!!

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