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His & Her = two

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fire alarm

So I was in the 4 o clock rush. Jeff is to be home any minute, and I needed to get a move on with dinner. I nursed Scarlett, put in a movie for the girls, and I even gave them each a bowl of frozen grapes to snack on. I was good to go, and nothing was going to stop me... ya right. Well I carried on with faith in my heart that dinner prep would go smoothly. Well I don't know about you, but when I cook in the Kitchen, the kitchen gets hott (Jeff calls it smoky) Well we happen to have 2 very sensitive fire alarms. So a "hott" kitchen, and those smoke alarms do not get along. It is not a rare occurence when those things go off. 
So here I was cooking up a storm when....you guessed it. BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Inside I thought "oh shoot I really don't have time for this", so i tried to ignore and kept on cooking. Well before I knew it I felt a little tug Scarlett was pulling on my pants, in her hand she was gifting me a pillow. When these testy alarms go off, I fan them with a pillow. Even my one year old knows how to deal with these pesty things. I chuckled and told her to go find Sydney. Well to my horror, I heard a BEEP BEEP echo BEEP BEEP. Now the first fire alarm was going off in the kitchen, but the second testy alarm is where the TV is. Sure enough I soon had Sydney in the kitchen, getting quite upset that she could not watch the show. At this point I could feel my blood begin to boil, I could not get to the fire alarms because I had raw chicken on my hands. So right there and then I prayed, a simple but sincere prayer. I prayed the beeping would stop. Right after I said Amen they both stopped. Now this never happens on there own. I was shocked, and immediately felt warm and fuzzy. Heavenly Father heard me. My petty cry for help, but he was there!!! 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My girls were something totally original this year..... ANNA & ELSA! Isn't that so unique?! I was going to dress up Scarlett as Olaf, but I got lazy. Then we decided Jeff would stay home with squeaks, and I would take the girls out trick or treating. This year was the first year they totally understood it. It was a blast. 


Sisters, what more can a girl ask for?!

Sydney, and Sadie are best friends. They fight like none other, but they also love each other so much. Their relationship is exhausting, but I am so glad they have each other. It has been fun to watch Scarlett grow up with Syd, and Sadie. Scarlett is not afraid of anything, thanks to them. She will totally stand her ground, and even fight back. It is hilarious sad when Sadie comes screaming to me that Scarlett bit her. Sydney, and Sadie love her so much. They have even begun to sneak her outside. The other day I was looking everywhere for Scarlett. Sydney was at school, and Sadie was outside. Panicked I ran outside on a whim, and sure enough. I found Sadie holding Scarlett's hand, trying to help her get on the trampoline!!

Not even the rain can keep us in

The rain does not deter my girls in the least. In fact they prefer the rain, and would play in it all day if allowed. Watching them catch rain drops on their tongues, and the smile that comes across their lips as they jump in a huge puddle, is priceless. The pure joy from such a small thing is so amazing.Scarlett even tries to join in on the fun!! Know what? Sometimes I let her!!

Time stands still

Being a stay at home mom. Moments, come, and go. Some moments are terrible, and some moments stand still. In these moments, I stop and pause. I breath in the beauty of my life. I am a mom to three beautiful healthy girls, and a wife to a remarkable man. My heart swells with gratitude, and I can't help but be over whelmed. No matter how hard it gets, I life my role. I LOVE staying home with my kids, I am blessed to have a husband who supports the role as a mother. We have all the time in the world to make money, but I only have 18 years to have my children as children. God is good.

One morning the girls were screaming my name, I rushed down prepared to see some sort of disaster. Instead I found these two girls beaming. Sydney had actually killed a fly! They could not believe it, and they both were giddy

Daddys girl

Jeff has taken Sade to the Father and sons camp out for the last two years. Sadie loves having that special time with Jeff. She also loves all the food, and attention.

Now                                      Than

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saint George City Round up aka Rodeo

My children have never missed a rodeo in all of their lifes, and that includes attending in my belly. This is a Roberts tradition, that only comes once a year. The girls talk and ask about it throughout the year, and when it actually happens. They are so excited. They love the music, and the bucking broncos. I love watching their excitement. Sydney was dancing, and getting down. Someone asked Sydney where she learned to dance like that, and to that she smiled and said "my mama"!!

We love to see the temple

Going anywhere with 3 children is just a tad tricky. Most of the time we are done before we start. We have figured out that simple is best. With the discovery of simplicity being amazing, we have discovered our new favorite place! The temple. We go there often, and the girls actually beg for it. We always go inside of the visitor center, and the girls listen to the Christ statue. The sister missionaries are always so kind, and the girls love talking with them. We then head over and look at the pictures of Christ's life. We go through each picture, and discuss what it is a picture of. We then make our way outside, and by this point it is a good thing we do. We run outside, and Jeff goes with them up the stairs to touch the temple. He explains to them, that someday they will be able to go inside. They love hearing that. I love that the temple is such a special place to them this early on in life

A few of our favorite things

We truly love where we live. We are blessed to live in a beautiful house, and be surrounded by natures beauty. We really spend so much of our time outdoors. The girls love being outside, and by the end of the day are covered from head to toe in dirt. They stink, and are exhausted. But the smile on their faces, and the joy in there eyes, makes all the scrubbing worth it. When Jeff gets home he is the immediatly the star of the show. He is showered with hugs, and kiss's, and his attention is demanded by 3 darling girls! Jealous?!? I know I sure I! The jealousy quickly fades when he leads those lovely ladies outside to feed the horse, and kitties, and I am left with beautiful silence. I often gaze out my kitchen window, and breath in all the glorious blessing I have received. Outside of that window is my whole world. I look at the way my girls light up, and giggle with all their might. They love their dad. How awesome is that?! The relationship he has with each one of my girls, melts my heart. I love that man. 

Sometimes I peak out, and see something like this, and I almost faint from cuteness. Do you blame me?!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Spontanious Summer

The best thing about summer around our house is swim suits 24/7. We got a kiddy pool last summer. Summer this year could not come fast enough!! When it was time to pull out the pool the girls were ecstatic. Weeks were spent in our little pool.  The girls learned how to turn on the hose, out front to fill up the pool. One day I came out to them COVERED in mud. They were literally knee deep in mud, and when I asked them what they were doing. Their response was "we wanted to go to Mickeys house"It looks like we will never have to go to Disneyland, because apparently it is in our back yard!!
We also got the pleasure of being invited to lake Powell
with Jeff's aunt! It was so much fun, and the girls have not stopped talking about it. The weather was great, and the water was warm. It was my first time ever there, and it certainly will not be my last!! 


Before and after

Before we leave in the morning, and even if we even are just at home. We have a schedule, and we get ready. Every morning my girls look so put together. Somehow by the time Jeff gets home from work. My children look as though they had rolled through a dirt pile (which is not too far fetched). This seems to happen in record time when we go any where. So I decided to document this beautiful mess!! 


Life with Fishing is pure bliss

This summer entailed lots of fishing trips. Some trips were just as a family, and others friends tagged along with us. I never thought I would enjoy fishing. But life slows down as we are all surrounded our fishing poles, ready to race to the net and swoop of the fish brought in on the line. Life is brought back to simplicity, and we are able to just enjoy each other. I usually bring a book and I can escape to my own serenity in a wonderful book. We even venture out to kolab. The beauty was truly breath taking, and we had Papa, and Nana with us. That made that trip all the more special. One thing that really helps in making these trips fun is Jeff is a true fisherman. When he is around we always catch fish. Jeff takes his fishing pretty seriously, and even went as far as going in after a line that was caught on a rock!! We are sol blessed as a family, to be surrounded by so much beauty. I look forward to our many more adventures!!

I could eat her face, she is so yummy