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His & Her = two

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scarlett Darlene Roberts

I thought I was going to have to write a post explaining why I had not had my baby, but I am thrilled to announce I DID have her!!!! Scarlett's original due date was July 12th, but our ultra sound measured her actually due the 9th. With Sadie as early as she came, we expected Scarlett to make her appearance sooner than later. Especially with the little bit of a scare when I had a bit of pre term labor, and was put on moderate bedrest. So I definitely was prepared for her to be early. Well that sure did not happen!!! This pregnancy I was determined to have this baby girl naturally call me crazy I know. I learned about this really neat way of birthing called hypnobirthing I promise it is not as weird as it sounds, Kate Middleton even did it. The class basically teaches you how to get into a deep state of relaxation. I had found out there were new birthing tubs in the hospital, and I was so set on using one. So Scarlett’s due date came and went! I went to the doctor and my cervix was still very high, but I was dilated. So at that point, I had accepted the fact that this may just be an august baby. Since I was planning naturally I knew inducing would be asking for trouble, also I never got a good feeling about being induced. I had lots of pressure, and contractions. But contractions would come, and go. With how high up my cervix was we were thinking we could have possibly got my due date wrong. I was measuring right on, but we thought maybe she would be a bigger baby. On Saturday the 13th I started getting consistent surges hynpobirthing term for contractions. I was so convinced this was it, I got everything ready. I was really excited because I was able to breath through all the pressure. It was around 3am, and I decided I would attempt to rest until they were too intense. I was actually able to fall somewhat asleep, and when I woke up they were gone!!! So disappointing. At my doctors appointment that week I was at a 3plus/4, but my cervix was still very high. My doctor informed me that they really did not like to go over more than a week. I was so discouraged. I went home, and had a bit of a breakdown. In my heart I was set on doing this naturally, and I knew inducing would basically ruin all of those plans. So instead of continuing to pout, I set into action. I went on a CRAZY 4 wheeler ride my hands are now just beginning not to hurt when pressure is applied to them, I was holding on to the handles that hard, I went on lots of long walks I even ran a ways, and prayed. Although these activities led me to have surges, they would just stop. Jeffs mom was so kind to block out her schedule for the beginning of July, so she could be there when this baby came. Well the beginning of July was quickly ending, and we were fastly approaching the middle. She had a plane ticket to visit Jason & Katelyns family, and I knew this baby needed to come. I had a lady at church tell me about an herb that is suppose to help move things along. So of course I tried it. I don’t know if that is what did it, I think that is what got labor started, but Jeff is not convinced but on July 18th Jeff and I were watching a show, and I started to get surges. Scarlett was moving a ton that night, and so I did not really think anything of them. Well Jeff fell asleep like always and I was left alone with an over anxious mind, and a cell phone stop watch. I realized that these surges were ranging from 2-10 mins apart. So I began the time game, I decided if they were still going when the show was over I would shower. The show ended, and they were STILL going. Trying not to get my hopes up although they could have probably already touched the sky I showered. After the shower they were STILL going. I knew this was it. It was 1 am and my goal was to stay at home until 2 am. So I woke Jeff up, and let him know that this was real, and to get things ready that he wanted to bring he did not believe me. So I was ready to go, but I was just trying to walk/ breath through the surges. Thank goodness we live out in the middle of no where most of my walking was done outside under the full moon with just a t shirt on. I came back inside to make sure Jeff took me seriously. Well he was getting ready but, he was totally doubting this was actually it. I asked if he was about ready, and he said “are you sure, has your water even broke”. Surprisingly I took it in stride, and said yes dear this is it, after he went on to do the dishes. I was getting a tad anxious, and again I asked him if we could leave, he than asked if I put rice down thee drain he obviously did not believe me, what kind of a question was that to ask your wife who was in labor to the question I was greeted with a surge so he received a very dramatic reply that may or may not have included tears at least I did not curse at him. He than decided to get his butt in gear, and got everything in the car. He gave his mom a call, and on the phone he asked if my water had broke, and at that moment I felt a small rush of water. I said it just did. We still had a 15 minute drive to the hospital, and I think he knew we had to GO I could have told him that an hour ago. The seats in Jeff’s car are low, so I had a pillow I had brought for the hospital, and decided to sit on it bad idea. We were driving down the mountain, and I was getting some serious pressure, and I was like oh crap I am going to have this kid in the car. Then I heard an extremely loud sound, and realized that noise was coming from me. I looked down and saw Niagara falls coming out of my pants!! Jeff just laughed, and said “ I guess that was the rest of your water”, all I could think about was how now I would have to use a hospital pillow Sad smile. At this point I knew we needed to get there ASAP, I could feel her coming. We approached a red light, and Jeff stopped!!!! Ya, I know what was he thinking!! I politely yelled at him to go. When we got to the hospital parking lot Jeff jumped out to help me. Well at this point I was picturing my baby being delivered in the parking lot because I could not walk. Jeff was amazing, and got me to the front door. The doors are loc,ked at night and so we had to call, and they have a camera to see who is coming in. When they saw my pants remember Niagara Falls they knew we were serious. The doors opened, and Jeff went a head of me. Six nurses greeted me, and 1 had a wheelchair. I kindly informed her that I could not sit down, in fear of sitting on my childs head. Oh did I mention walking into the hospital Jeff kept trying to feel the babies head between my legs?! We were ushered into the first room that we came across I am not sure it was even done being cleaned I asked for a room with a tub I was still holding out hope for that tub The nurse was so sweet, and suggested she check me first. She checked me and said I was at a 9 plus, and could start pushing. I could not believe this was actually happening. I was half terrified/ half stoked out of my brains that I DID IT. I really wanted my doctor, and thankfully he is amazing. He got there in record time, even with getting pulled over the doctor on call was great but I love my doctor. At this point the surges were intense, and I was hating having to lie down. This nurse Eva jumped in, she was an angel and made me breath with her. It totally was not hypnobirthing breathing, but at that point I could care less!!! Eva had other patient's to attend to so she slipped out. Well another nurse came to help me, and I begged for Eva back, I told her I did not want her oops I was trying to be nice, but Eva and I had connected. They told me to bare down, and that is what I did. My doctor discovered that my sweet baby was posterior. He let me know I could deliver this way, it would be a tad more work, or he could try and rotate her. I decided to allow him to attempt turn her, basically he was in me wrist deep I am still feeling the after math of that choice almost wishing she had just come out posterior. At that point I was beginning to feel the “ring of fire”, which in fact does not really hurt too bad it is just a tad bit of a burning sensation. I was so ready to have my doctor stop trying to turn her,so I nicely asked him to get his hands out I watched the video, I was not that nice thankfully he was able to get her to turn. Right when she turned she came flying out! It was the coolest thing ever. The euphoria of knowing I had accomplished one of my biggest goals was so thrilling. All these endorphins were running through my body, and I felt such immense love for my sweet little girl. To my doctors disbelief, and the others in the room Scarlett had a true knot in her cord. I was not too shocked, because of how adamant I had been on having her natural. Sydney was posterior as well, and she got stuck in my birth canal due my body not being in full control of the situation. If the knot had tightened at all my sweet baby Scarlett’s air supply would have been cut off resulting in an emergency c section. Also she had the cord around her neck twice. I know I was inspired. I know my Heavenly Father had his hand in this birth. Words will never be able to describe the experience natural birthing was. Scarlett was so aware, and latched right on. With Sydney and Sadie due to the medication they both were a little out of it. Scarlett was the total opposite. I know I sounded like a crazy woman the first time I held my sweet babe, but my emotions had hit the roof. I just sobbed tears of joy. It was such a beautiful miracle. Another really neat thing was one of my nurses actually helped deliver Scott. Scarlett was such a calm baby she did not go to the nursery once. She slept all night, and had no problem filling her diapers, The spirit in the room will be something that Jeff and I will always hold close to our hearts. I could not have done it without Jeff he truly kept me calm, and was my biggest fan. Also Jeffs step mom Lee Ann was there, and it was so comforting having her there. She has been so supportive of my descion of natural birthing, just to have her presence in the room and hear her encouraging words, and seeing her beautiful face kept me going. We are so blessed to have her in our family! From the time we got to the hospital to the time I delivered Scarlett, it was just 27 minutes!! Jeff and I only stayed at the hospital for 18 hours! It was perfect. Scarlett Darlene is perfect, and our family could not be any happier with our newest addition. 


 the knot in the cord!!