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His & Her = two

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gratitude is our Attitude

So I have come to the conclusion, that I am THE worst blogger out there. I think about doing it, but I just can't seem to find time.
Time just has been Flying by. Last month our home teachers asked if there was anything they could for us. Jeff was just messing around, and said if you could put an extra hour in the day that would be awesome. Well today they came by and gave us a clock, with a 13Th hour!!! It was so clever and thoughtful. The people in my ward are truly amazing. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn and grow from each of them. We were so blessed as a ward to have President Uchtdorf and his lovely wife grace us with their presence a few Sundays. He even spoke to us for forty minutes. He is a true man of God. He is an amazing man. This really strengthened my testimony.
We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. It was so much fun to be able to catch up with everyone.
Sydney's first word was "Hi", with a little wave. She now says Dada, so she has put the two together and says "hi Dada"! So cute. I cannot even be mad that she has not said mama, because she melts my heart when she does that. She is getting her first tooth. Only one so far, but we think the other is close to follow. She has figured out how to climb the stairs, so we will be investing in a gate very soon. Sydney is the happiest baby ever! We love her so much.
Funny story about or cute little girl. The other day Jeff was eating a cup cake, and put the wrapper on the coffee table. Jeff and I realized that Sydney was being really quite, way too quite. Jeff and I looked down and this is what we saw.

She had found the wrapper and was going to town!! She got so mad when we took it away. Here are a few more pictures!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sydney 10.10.10

My baby is six months.....

She is so amazing, and time has gone by so fast.
Let me give you a glimpse into my beautiful baby
-She knows her name
-She loves her dad
-She can be screaming her head of in the car, and the second the music is turned up she stops
-She is a total people person
-She loves babies and will smile so big when she sees one
-She is already CRAWLING
-She is unfortunately starting to learn how to climb out of her crib :/
-She is so independent it is insane
-She loves her bath and is sad to get out
-She loves any kind of wrapper
-She has been sleeping through the night since she was only a month
-Church is her favorite thing, she loves all the attention
-She loves this world
-She LOVES boys(especially married ones :/)
We are so blessed to have such a sweet spirit in our life's. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to be her parents. I hope we can live up to this mighty task. She is our pride and joy. We love you so much Sydney bear.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The thing of it is

This is going to be short and sweet..well maybe not that sweet. This is to all those who are out there who say my baby is too small. You make me feel inadequate as a mother. I know everyone things they know best, but I do. Sydney is the happiest, most energetic baby you will ever meet. She has slept through the night since she was a month and a half. She has enough messy diapers for 2 babies. She is basically crawling, and getting smarter by the second. Before you tell me to feed her more, and that she was too tiny, Think twice. She is my world and I would never let her starve. I know I am not the only mom out there, who has these type of things said to her. Sorry our babies are not just the way you want them to be.
Until my doctor tells me to be concerned all of your unwanted comments will be disregarded. Please keep them to yourself. Try to remember how it felt when others said unnecessary things to you.
I have taken this for six months, but enough is enough.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Way too long

So sorry, This blog is much delayed!! Summer has been crazy. So much fun, but glad things are winding down. Although, I am not too excited about the cold :/ My baby is 5 months going on six, and she is so much fun. She has so much personality, already. She is always making me smile. Last month she received her second blessing from her daddy. She Has my nose, and it she had a little cold. So she was having a hard time breathing, and sleeping. She would fall asleep with her Binky, but realize she could not breath through her nose so she would wake herself up. This went on for an hour, and finally Jeff was like go to the store and get some medicine. Well that would have been an easy task, but it was 3 in the morning!! I went to smiths first and all the medications are for 1 yr and older. So I called the hospital, I thought that was a great idea. Come to find out they can't give any help over the phone!! How lame! Luckily Walgreen's has a 24 hr pharmacy. I asked the pharmacist what I could give her, and he was like "not a whole lot". I was like thanks captain obvious I kinda figured that out. Finally he suggested saline. I went home and we put it in her nose, it was so sad. She screamed, and choked cause it was going down her throat! I wanted to take away her pain :(. It was such a helpless feeling. Jeff gave her a blessing and she slept peacefully after that. I do not know what I would do without his priesthood. I am so grateful to have it in my home. The feeling after was so sweet. I just love the gospel. I sound cheesy!!
We went to a cabin for a week, for a family reunion. It was so nice to get away

Sydney And I were also able to have a fun road trip to California. My best friend Corinne was to kind to come along, we also picked up Emma from vegas on the way. It was a blast. We were able to see one of my other best friends get sealed! it was so amazing! She looked gorgeous, and everything was perfect. I was so happy I was able to be a part of that special day.I was also reminded how much I despise California traffic!
I got to finally meet my ADORABLE nephew! My sister and her family came down. I was thrilled! I have the cutest nieces and nephews! We got to celebrate her birthday, and I got to see all my sisters. I love those visits.

Jeff, Sydney, and I were also lucky enough to meet some amazing friends with a boat! Sydney was such a trooper. She LOVES the water, and she would just hang out in her car seat for most of it. I wake boarded and officially can stay on. I can jump the wake. By next summer I will be pro, ya right!

All in all this summer has been a blast. Sad it is over, but excited for this new adventure I am on! Life is good. We are blessed in ways we never thought possible! I love you all!

Friday, June 25, 2010


This has been a hard week for our little Sydney.

She had her two month check up, which means shots. I made Jeff come along, because I knew there is no way I could stay in the room and watch. It was the saddest cry I have ever heard!! It is so nuts how I know her cries. This was a new cry, and it really broke my heart. I guess I am just a big baby. When I went back into the room she had stopped crying, and Jeff was holding her. She had her head against his chest, and was just sniffling. I took a picture in my head. It was such a bitter sweet moment.
We went home and she slept. When she woke up she and started to just cry. She was
in a lot of pain. It was hard to watch her suffer.
The next day she was doing better, but still not 100%. I decided it would be a
good time to get her ears pierced, and just get it all done with. My sister in law
came with me,and I could not have done it without her! The hardest part for Syd was
holding still, she is such a wiggler. She handled it really well and only cried when
it happened.

After she was smiling, and back to her happy self. I was amazed and relieved. I don't think they even bother her. When I clean her ears she does not even mind.
She is starting to talk, and it is sooo precious. I want to record every minute of it, but Jeff always talks me out of it!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Road Trip to Provo

Well this weekend was a very busy weekend. We got home from California, and unpacked. The next evening we got a phone call from the stake president, and he asked that we come meet with him the next morning. Jeff and I thought about what it could be, and came to the conclusion that Jeff was getting released from being Elders Quorum President. So we discussed if we wanted to go to a family ward or not. The next morning we went to meet with the stake president. He interviewed us like he had when Jeff was called to be Elders Quorum President. In my head, I knew something was coming. The stake president then went on to say, he wanted to extend the calling of second counselor in the bishoprick to Jeff. Jeff and I were both blown away. The look on Jeff's face said everything. I could not believe this was happening. Of course we accepted the call. We then returned home and sat in silence for about two hours!! We really were humbled and honored to have been given such a task. I was defiantly intimidated. I know I look at the wife's of the bishoprick members with such respect. I am not sure I can live up to that role, but I will try. Not to sure who I will sit by, but I know it will work out. I know Jeff will do an amazing job. He is such an amazing Man, and he is my example in every way. I fall more and more in love with him daily, and I really will do my best to be supportive.
The president asked if he could call him the next day! So the following day Jeff was called. After this craziness, I went with Jenny to drop off Jaden at EFY. On our way there we got to stop and see Jill, Dave, and Lex. Of course they made us yummy food. It was a short visit but it is always so fun to see them. We then were on our way. We stayed in a hotel, and the next morning we took Jaden to EFY. We got him all situated, and then went out to lunch. Jenny and I decided we really do not like Provo, and were very excited to leave! We were then on our way back home. It was an eventful weekend. I like to keep busy so it was fun!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Our Little Family!!

This picture turned out way cool!

Her fav spot

She loves her daddys tummy

She sleeps in the most intresting positions

as cute as could be
Her smile makes my heart melt!
She Loves kelly
She has chicken legs haha

We took Sydney on her first long road trip. She did really well. We went down to California for my little sister Emmas graduation. We got to my Kelly & Joes monday afternoon. Katherine and her adorable little ones were there. We visited, and were entertained by William and Kailey. I know everyone is going to think I am crazy for saying this, but I cannot wait till Syd is Kaileys age!! It seems like such a fun age. She just makes me so anxious to see what Syd will be like. Sydney got to meet Papa for the first time. She is lucky to have so many people who love her. Soon after my dad told us he wanted to take us to Best Buy. We ended up leaving Best Buy with a Wii & a really nice wireless router! Thanks dad. We were way stoked. We went back to the house and had a relaxing evening. Tuesday the boys went and played racket ball and the girls stayed home to help Emma get ready for her big day. I cannot believe she graduated! We took her to get her hair done, and Katherine and Kelly helped do her make up. She looked gorgeous. We dropped her off, and headed to the graduation. It is held outside on the RCC football field, and it was totally full! Emma had a really big class. I got to watch my little sister graduate and I am not going to lie I teared up a little! It makes me feel so old! After we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate some yummy food. By the end of the day we were exhausted! On Wednesday Jeff,Emma,Sydney, and I all headed to the beach. Sadly it was not that warm, and it was pretty windy. I did not care I was so happy to be there. I miss the beach, and it is so amazing going back. I was the only one who attempted the water, and would have gotten in but I knew I would have to hold Syd and did not want to get her cold. Jeff is from St.George so he thinks I am crazy for loving the cool water, maybe someday I will be able to convince him it really is not that bad. We relaxed and then headed home. Kelly & Joe were home and just had finished all there finals. They passed almost every class with A's. They are amazing. The next morning we packed and headed back home. We stopped and ate at Mad Greek and were disappointed. A person from food network had featured Mad Greek so our expectations were pretty high. We decided that was a one time thing. After a much enjoyed vacation we returned to our little home. Sydney was so glad to be back to her crib!! I loved being able to see my family and look forward to the next time we will get together.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

So memorial Day was a lot of fun. We took Sydney on her first hike. We went to Zion. It was really crowded but it was worth the trip. Sydney was soo good she slept most of the time. I have also started to go back to work just once a week. Last week was the first week and I totally cried when I dropped her off to Jenny. She was in good hands but she is my life and leaving her was not an easy task. It was hard to focus on work, because all i could think about was my little girl. I know it will get easier, but it is crazy how much love I have forAdd Image her. We are so blessed to be able to have children. She has been sleeping through the nights and growing longer and longer. Jeff has been so busy. He just finished girl season of tennis and of course they took state. He now is helping with tennis camp at 6 in the morning. He than runs off to job number two, and after job number three. Somehow in this craziness he has managed to also join a softball team!! So he is go go go. He has been such a good dad and is loving every minute of it. We are headed to California for Emmas graduation on Monday. I cannot believe she is graduating!! I am way excited to go home and see my family. We are also planning a few beach trips and I cannot Wait!!