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His & Her = two

Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone Fishing

 Back in the good ol days, when I was little. Fishing was a rare occurrence. We went occasionally. My dad was in no way a fisherman....he was more of a wisher man. The most action that would occur on our trips, is when I would begin to get so bored, and my imaginary friends were just not cutting it. I would begin to throw rocks in the water. Apparently that was a no no. My Dad would kindly yell at me to STOP! So, ya fishing was not my forte. Well I met this boy, and he kind of stole my heart. To my great delight he is now my husband! Well that husband of mine, he is no wisher man, he is a for sure a fisherman. You could have him fish a pond with one fish, and I would put money on it that he would get it. Cocky.....perhaps, but I can brag about him. He is pretty amazing. So fishing with him is actually FUN! Yes, I actually used fun, and fishing in the same sentence. Craziness. Instead of imaginary friends, I now have little girls to help keep me company. While the man works. Someone has got to do it. Honestly I think this husband of mine would not consider fishing work! We attempted our first family of 5 fishing trip a few Saturdays ago. Unsure, and a little nervous to see how this would play out. We began our adventure. First had to stop at Marv's, and get lunch, this was for sure some dragging of our feet. Jeff and I were a really tad nervous. We knew what fishing with 2 kids was like, but now adding a 3rd in, well we knew it could get interesting. Well we pulled up to the reservoir, and it was a beautiful day. We were not the only ones fishing, and we were so happy we made the choice to do this. We unloaded the girls, and Jeff began his magic. My friend has an Ergo(a super cool baby carrier, one day I plan to own one) and was so kind to let me borrow it. That little ergo saved my life. I was like super mom. Jeff set up three poles, and before we knew it FISH ON! Now in fishing language that means drop everything, including children (thankfully for the ergo there was no dropping of squeaks, have no fear)  and get the freaking fish out of the water. The first few fish squeaks slept through. By the 7th fish she was awake, and hungry. So before I was aware of us catching a fish, I began to feed her. In the ergo. No big thing, but then Jeff  yells "FISH ON". Without thinking about it, I grabbed the net, and netted the fish. All while nursing a baby. Ya, I am pretty much a big deal. Nursing, and netting. Now, that deserves some kind of a reward. Don't worry, when I bragged to Jeff about my ability's, he let me know he was slightly impressed. He would have been more impressed if I was reeling, netting, and nursing. RUDE! Can't a girl catch a break. Earlier on one of the lines Jeff had worked so hard to set up. Actually broke, so all the fishing line had gone into the water. Jeff was mad, because that was a lot of time wasted ( I tell you he takes this fishing stuff pretty seriously) and now we were down a pole. well after my nursing and netting. Jeff realized the fish we had just got, had gotten stuck in the fishing line we had lost. As Jeff was trying to get the hook/other line off he felt tugging on the line. He un-hooked it from the one fish, we were confused as to why we could not just pull it in. It felt like it was stuck on something. Jeff proceed to try, and as he was pulling it in, we realized there was a FISH ON! What are the chances! We had a way good laugh, and that my friends was our limit! We caught our limit in 2 hours. My hubby is a champ. The girls did amazing, and loved being outside, and with the fam. This kind of family outing, really helps me put in perspective family. Come what may, we have each other. That is all that matters, and if we are blessed with ten kids (please don't quote me on this) I know our family could make it. It is the small things that count, not how many sports, or dance class's they are in. It is learning to have a great time with the family, doing activity's that don't involve money. Life is good. FISHING IS FUN!!
Until the next, FISH ON

Sadie's reaction to the fish, up close, and personal