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His & Her = two

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fourth of July

The fourth of July is my favorite holiday. As it should be everyone's! Fireworks, sun, and food. Could it get any better?!? Well this year it actually did get better! My mom came to visit!! Ya, I was pretty desperate for some mom time. She came with presents, and the girls could not have been more thrilled! They were spoiled with her attention, and love. I was spoiled with her cleaning skills! She also got me some much needed cleaning supplies, and a mop! Which means I no longer have to get on my hands and knees to scrub the floor, hip hip hooray! This fourth of July would have been perfect, if baby Scarlett had graced us with her presence. Sadly she did not want a 4th of July Birthday (crazy girl). We got together with the Graff’s, and that is always a blast! Also Jill, Dave, Lex, and Des came to visit! It was so fun hanging out with them. The girls were thrilled to have buddies. Sydney and Sadie even showed them how to get dirty! I apologize to Jill, and Marlyn for the laundry you had to do. Than again my children taught them how to really party, and took off clothes! Not going to lie the fireworks show this year was somewhat lame! Sad I know, but true. We think there was an error, because supposedly this year they spent a ton of money on the show. If they did they got jipped. It was still a blast( get it Winking smile) . There is a picture with Sadie, and Papa John. I have THE funniest story. So one morning Sadie wanted to play outside. Well it was really early, and I did not want her to wonder too far. So I did not enforce shoes. So Sydney and I were inside I was cleaning, and Syd was watching a show. Well I went to check on Sadie, and she was no where to be found. I was a bit concerned, but I was sure she could not get too far with no shoes, and it being mid afternoon I knew the asphalt would deter her(or so I thought).  So I looked high, and low. To no avail. I knew that John was over at the mabin working, but I did not see him outside. So I hopped in my car, and was going to do a search of the property. As I drove past the mabin I saw John, and Sadie! So I drove over to grab her. John than explained to me that he had gone inside, to rest just for a minute. He was laying down on the bench in the kitchen, when he was scared near to death by a little 2 yr old demanding to know where grandma was!! Our Sadie had walked from my house to the mabin, bare foot, found the key opened the door, and let herself in!! After Papa informed her Grandma was not there, Sadie than demanded a juice! I was dying when I heard this. Sadie is one smart girl! 

My attempt at getting a picture together! did not happen

Clothes came off shortly after this photo

Summer time fun

This summer we have tried to be as active as we could. Knowing our little family would change for ever, was motivation to keep going. Although we did not do too many exciting things we did a lot of staple fun things. Living in Saint George is fantastic, but the extent of exciting things to do is minimal. I mean the closest thing we have to a zoo is the pet store…you follow. So we went to story time, played with our cousins, the splash pad became our second home, and playing with grandma. I hope that next summer I will be able to make up for this one! 

We Also took lots of showers.....

We wore ourselves out, to the point of bring our pillow and blanket and sprawling in the middle of the floor
like I said so worn out, taking naps in random places

Helped daddy mow our weeds. My husband
is so amazing!

We also played dress up

Our grandma is so awesome she got us a pool!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bringing Baby Home

Bringing home Scarlett, I was so excited. I was nervous, but I knew my girls would do well. They have loved her since day 1. We had a lady bring us dinner, and she held Scarlett. She jokingly asked Sydney if she could take home baby Scarlett. Sydneys response to that was “NOOOOOOOO”, she was almost in tears, and after that she stayed very close to Scarlett, and was not the biggest fan of the sweet lady. Jeff and I had a good laugh at that. When the girls wake up the first (first question is if daddy had go work) second question they ask is “where is baby Scarlett”. We usually go, and peak at our sweet sleeping bundle of joy, and to that the girls always giggle, and tell me how cute she is. Sadie is such a good big sister! She always wants to hold her, and is always the first one at her side when she cries. The best thing is when I have to do something I ask the girls to sing to baby Scarlett while I run to do something. They eagerly accept, and sing there favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Life in the Roberts house is exciting to say the least, but there is pure joy. There are those moments when Jeff and I look at each other and silently say with our eyes “what were we thinking”, but than Sadie runs up to us and says “I love you mommy, I love you daddy”, and all the craziness does not matter! Jeff has been such a stud through all this. The first thing he does when he comes home is kiss me, and than he is off to play with Sydney and Sadie. This allows me to have time with Scarlett and to make dinner. I have so many blessings!