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His & Her = two

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trials= blessings

Jeff and I bit the bullet. We bought a home!! Back in this post http://www.dahisanddahers.blogspot.com/2013/04/a-much-needed-update.html I mentioned that we had put an offer in on a home. That was back in March. It was a short sale, so we knew it may take a while. We had no clue it would take until the end of September. Regardless of how long it took, we could not be any more thrilled. We never gave up hope, and we always got a confirmation that purchasing a home was the right thing to do. We got word from our relator that we needed to close asap. So my husband jumped into gear. Along with working 40 hours, maintaining 2 horses, and dealing with tons of estrogen at home. He managed to successfully close on our home with in a week!! He is a stud, what can I say. It was a very stressful time, and at times I think we were ready to call it quits. We endured, and are so happy we did. Jeff has always been very money wise. During college, he worked full time, in order to avoid student loans. He graduated debt free!! So going into this home, and accepting the fact that debt was the only option, made him nervous. We had been saving, and were pretty sure we would be able to put down 20%, and avoid the mortgage insurance. This helped ease Jeff's nerves. During this process Jeff's employer was aware of our house buying process. We never doubted, or were insecure about Jeff's job. We felt he a very stable job, and if there was a thought of him being laid off. We were sure his employer would give us a head up, due to the fact we were purchasing a home. Jeff and I had been  in our new home for 2 days. I was upstairs playing with the girls, and I heard the garage open. It was very early, for Jeff to be home. I ran down stairs, and met him in the garage. Immediately, I knew something was wrong. Jeff looked broken. He than informed me, that his position was being dissolved. He was offered another position that was all commission based. With a new mortgage that was not a option. We both felt sick. We were so confused, as to why we were prompted to purchase our home. Jeff said we needed to go to the temple. I could not have agreed more. Thankfully for his mom, and step mom, we were able to make this happen. That session was amazing, and I felt the Saviors love. We went in with prayers in our hearts, to know what to do. We did not want to be bitter, or angry. We just wanted peace. We decided in the Celestial room that, come what may we had our eternal family. That was all that mattered. Our home is our temporary home. We decided that if by Friday(and it was Tuesday) we had not heard anything about a job we would sell our home. With how much we put into our home, we could not risk to lose it. We also would have made money. We thought this could possibly be the means in which Jeff could pay his way through grad school. We did feel peace, and decided to go on with faith. Jeff was given two weeks at his current job. I cannot fathom what it would be like, to have to go back to work after feeling so betrayed. He did, with a smile on his face. He chose not to be angry. He chose not to hold resentment. He decided to finish out with grace. The NEXT day, Jeff met with a family friend, and had a interview. Jeff came home with a smile on his face. He informed me that he was almost certain, that this job would work. Relief was immediate, and gratefulness filled my soul. It was still not certain, if Jeff would get the job, but we kept faith. On Monday Jeff was offered the job! His salary would be matched, and we would get benefits! Words cannot explain the joy, and gratitude we felt. Through all this, Jeff was such an example. I think he fasted for 3 days straight. Never complained, and always was optimistic. His new job is 5 mins away, and he would start as soon as his other job ended. From Jeff's previous job, he had two weeks paid time off, which he had not used. So they paid him that, and his last pay check. We were amazed. What was going to be a huge trial, actually turned into a huge blessing. We have been able to pay off
our hospital bills, and get totally caught up. This was one of the scariest things Jeff, and I have gone through together. I am grateful for this opportunity. Instead of asking why us. I decided to think, " why not us"? We deserve to struggle, just as much as the next person. I have been reminded, of just how great my husband is. Perspective was truly seen as to what truly matters. I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, and the love he has for my family.

I will post more about the house later!

Idaho, better than Napoleon Dynamite

In August we took a trip to go visit Auntie Em, and Uncle D, in Idaho. My Mom wanted to go visit, but was hesitant to make the drive, to Idaho, from California, alone. So of course I volunteered. I would jump at any chance I can to go see Auntie Em, and Uncle D. Auntie Em, and I go way back.... as far back, as when I wanted my mother to call the little growing baby in her belly "Big Bird". Original I know. Thankfully my mom did not regard my request, and called that babe Emma. Anyhow, I had just had squeaks, and was in dire needed of an adventure. I was slowly drowning with the whole 3 children thing.  I knew driving 8 hours, with those 3 children would be h e double hockey sticks, so hastily I made arrangements to have Sydney stay home. I am pro at two children, throw a third in the mix, and lets just say it can get ugly. Thankfully I have amazing relatives that live close by, and were happy to lend a hand. Although it was hard saying good bye to Sydney, and Jeff, I was so excited to have somewhat one on one time with Sadie. After church we headed out. My Mom was prepared, and had a book on CD. Between entertaining Sadie, and feeding Scarlett, I got to relax and hang out with my Mom. There were moments when I wanted to pull my hair out, and possibly scream, but there were also AMAZING moments. Moments, where I would not have wanted to be anywhere else. Sadie was loving all the attention, and grandma was so kind to even stop a few times, and just run around the car with Sadie. Who does that?? My mom, that is who, and she is pretty cool. We left Saint George pretty late in the afternoon. So majority of the drive Sadie slept. We pulled into good old Rexburg Idaho, at like 12 am. Auntie Em, and Uncle D, are apartment managers. Their tenants whom are college students, live above them on the main level of the house. It was dark outside, and we could not really see address's on any of the house's. We pulled in front of a house, we thought could potentially be the place. Thankfully there were college kids still havin a grand ol time inside. I felt really old at that point, as I thought to myself "what would it be like to have a desire again, to stay up this late".  I walked to the front door, and they informed me we were at the right place. My Mom, and I were thrilled. We were both ecstatic to see Auntie Em, and Uncle D. Thankfully they have a very good size home, and we all fit beautifully.
While visiting Sadie was SPOILED. She loved every minute of the attention.

Sadie's favorite place to be  
Auntie Em, and Sadie roo having a blast

Every night Sadie had to have her time with Uncle D

This is the conference center. It is awesome
We got to walk around the gardens of BYU-I, they were incredible. As you can see Sadie wanted to go swimming in the pond, and almost did!!
Right By Auntie Em, and Uncle D's house they had the most amazing parks! This slide was HUGE, but as usual fearless Sadie took the plunge!! 
This was the splash pad connected to the park!! Sadie peed her diaper she was so excited
Uncle D, Sadies bestest friend. She loves this guy. He was so sweet to play with her at the parks.  
Uncle D had this amazing exercise ball, and Sadie sure loved it
We went to a super cute farmers market, and Sadie got her face painted!

We did not forget about Scarlett, she was hardly ever put down.
Sadie thought this trip could not get better..until she got ice cream!

This little house is right down the street from Auntie Em, and Uncle D. I fell in LOVE. Pictures do not do it justice. It looked like a Thomas Kinkaid painting.
Being around 2 love birds was so fun. It made me think back to when It was just Jeff, and I.

Our trip was over way too quick! I was sure happy to get home to this little girl, and my handsome hubby!

I fell in love with Rexburg. I tell almost everyone just how great it is. I told a girl from Idaho, and she kind of looked at me funny. She than told me Rexburg was known as the ghetto of Idaho. To that, I say Compton is ghetto. Rexburg is perfect!! It was so a joy bonding with Sadie. I always want to make each of my children feel special. I think this trip did just that! Thank you Mom, Auntie Em, and Uncle D, for making our trip so special!! You two will make the best of parents one day, you two helped me want to be a better one!