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His & Her = two

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekly Highlights

*Our Week*
This Saturday we went fishing!! This trip deserves a full post.
The girls were driving me really kinda crazy. So I found a box, and a shovel! Who would have thought, saved by dirt. Heads up to all that come to my house, there will most likely be several box's of dirt. I do what I must to maintain my sanity. If I can even be classified as sane ;)

Do you remember how Sadie is going through that whole mom stage     (http://dahisanddahers.blogspot.com/2014/02/mom-is-my-namecalling-it-is-game.html
Well it was one of those days. SO I told her to go talk to the horse. Poor horse

This girl. She cracks me up daily. This is her waking up from a nap. Note the purses, and the hair. Now she was put to bed with her hair done, and no purse's.

Squeaks is all over the place!! In our house there is a carpeted area by the kitchen. Squeaks gets put her often, while I cook, or clean. Well the girls and I were doing our thing, when I heard some serious breathing. A little nervous Darth Vator, had invited himself in. I turned to find this little girl poking her head around the corner!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mom is my name,calling it is a game.

So my darling Sadie Roo. She is a doll. I love her to death...I do. Sadie loves to talk. Since she was 1 month old she would mimic our gooing sounds. Sounds crazy I know! She totally would. That should have been our signal, that we had a busy body on our hands. At that time, it was just the cutest thing ever. Well, now it is super annoying still the cutest thing ever! Sadie literally talks from sun up, to sun down. Parents that complain about the "why" stage, have nothing on the 'Sadie stage', in fact I envy those parents! I am enduring loving the 'Sadie stage'. 

Sadie Stage: the, how, what, why, where, who, how, what, why, where is the doggie stage. Oh, and one more thing about this stage. Her favorite saying at the moment is...drum roll please..... MAMA!!! That's right MOM! Me myself, and I. Darling right?!?! WRONNNGGG! It was cute when she said it the first few times. Now to her, it is just a habit. She sings Twinkle little Star, and some how throws mom in there. If I do not respond, she than will sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, AMANDA, how I wonder what you are". I wish I had a button, that I could push, that would disable my response to mom, or even Amanda.  In one of my weakest moments. I was on the verge of a mental "mom" breakdown. I decided to capture this mom stage, in hopes, that one day it would be funny! So here it goes, a story about, a Sadie, three simple letters 

      "I coloring this pretty picture lalalala MOM"

 "I love to color MOOOMMM"
 "hey, hey, hey mom, I just coloring this picta". "AMANDA, I coloring"


      Hey Sadie. "huh, mom...Stop saying mom"? Yes, Sadie please stop saying mom

                                          "Ohhhhh okay. I will stop saying mom"

                                           " Ummmmmm, lalalala"
                                                                             M MOM"
                        "hahaha, AMANDA"

                                              Sadie! Please stop saying mom

                  " AHHHHHH I WANT MY DADDY"
                  "Why you being mean"

                                               Sadie, I love you, I am sorry.

                                                                  "Hey, mom"

                                          "Just playin, hey mom"

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam....with or without owies

So Sydney is officially a Sunbeam!! Ya, I don't know where time has gone. I thought for sure this would be a HUGE adjustment. Sydney absolutely hates change. I mean you put her undies on different, and she has a come apart. So to say I was a tad nervous about this change, would have been an understatement. I was dreading the day, she became a Sunbeam. Shockingly, the transition could not have gone any smoother! I am in primary, so I got to just sit, and just stare at my big girl. She did AMMAAZZING. She sang along to the songs, and even sat in her seat. I know Heavenly Father had a hand in that. Well although she did amazing, she looked like she had been in a bad accident! On New Years day Sydney was jumping on our trampoline. Mind you our trampoline has a net around it. Jeff was out playing with her, and pretended like he was going to get her. Well Sydney took off. The net was not zipped up all the way, and so Sydney somehow managed to run straight through the tiny opening. The dirt right now is frozen. So Sydney landed face first, on solid dirt. Her eye area was HUGE! Jeff, and I were certain she had fractured a bone. We were really considering not taking her to church, just because how awful it looked. Sydney for sure has had her share of owies! She is just a bit clumsy. Just tonight, she was helping me cook, and somehow fell off the counter!! Ya, I have no clue. Well the obvious person to blame it on is her father. So in honor of Sydney's owies, here is the collection!

This owie occurred right after this picture was taken, Sadie knocked Syd of the bench. Thankfully for Photoshop we were able to cover up the massive bite mark left by Sadie on Sydney's cheek!

                        Poor little girl, life has taken a beating on her!!

Weekly Highlights

 I had this extra nursing cape laying around. Sydney discovered it,and decided it worked much better as a super hero cape! I agree. She has wore it almost everyday, in fact she even wore it to church today!

That is right! I put the girls in the same room! Jeff thinks I am crazy, but I am desperate for them to become better friends. So here we go!

 For Valentines day, we made some cookies with Grandma. We asked Sydney if she wanted to decorate, and eat one. She insisted she did not want any, but as sweet as could be she looked up at me, and said "mama I don't want one, but can I make one for you"? She is such a sweetheart!

 Jeff got some Dixie College basketball tickets, from work. We got to go to two this week! The first game Dixie was behind the entire game, until 42 seconds were left on the clock. Within 42 seconds, Dixie made two shots, and tied with the other team!! They went into overtime, and ended up winning the game! It was seriously one of the best games I have ever seen! The second game we went to, they won as well.

Week Highlights

I was able to visit my some of my best friends.Our kids loved playing with eachother!! Crazy to think we have kids!!

Got to spend sometime with Jill, Dave, and the boys. Jill and Dave have THE funnest toys. Sadie was in Heaven The one thing Sadie could not get enough of, was this swing!!! Yes, Jill, and Dave have a swing in their bedroom.. can you say GENIUS!! Sadie insisted I pushed her several times throughout the day! It was worth it for the smile, on her face!

 I am telling you, Lex and Des have some awesome parents! Sadie got to paint! 

 The next few higlights, I did not capture, but I still want to remember them. While I was in SLC, I got to go to IKEA! I was soo excited. 
I had a old manager pass away. He was a great man, and I really looked up to him. It worked out, that his funeral was in SLC. So I was able to to attend. It was bitter sweet. 
The final highlight, and probably my favorite. Was Sadie, Scarlett, and I returning home to Jeff, and Sydney. We surprised them, and came home a night early. The looks on their faces were priceless! We were sure glad to be home!!

Week Highlights

 Sadie had one of her best buds come over! I love how  happy Sadie gets to have Ella come play!

  While the girls were showering. Sydney looked at Sadie,and said "Sadie, I think your belly is getting bigger, maybe you have a baby inside"                                                   
 I was finishing getting ready, and Scarlett woke up.She was crying pretty hard, and I was trying to hurry. All of the sudden the crying stopped. I thought Squeaks was just playing. When I walked in to her room, to my surprise/delight 
Sadie was singing 'I am a child of God" to Squeaks!! 

I discovered the yummiest thing!! I put pancake mix into a muffin tin!! It was a hit!