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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam....with or without owies

So Sydney is officially a Sunbeam!! Ya, I don't know where time has gone. I thought for sure this would be a HUGE adjustment. Sydney absolutely hates change. I mean you put her undies on different, and she has a come apart. So to say I was a tad nervous about this change, would have been an understatement. I was dreading the day, she became a Sunbeam. Shockingly, the transition could not have gone any smoother! I am in primary, so I got to just sit, and just stare at my big girl. She did AMMAAZZING. She sang along to the songs, and even sat in her seat. I know Heavenly Father had a hand in that. Well although she did amazing, she looked like she had been in a bad accident! On New Years day Sydney was jumping on our trampoline. Mind you our trampoline has a net around it. Jeff was out playing with her, and pretended like he was going to get her. Well Sydney took off. The net was not zipped up all the way, and so Sydney somehow managed to run straight through the tiny opening. The dirt right now is frozen. So Sydney landed face first, on solid dirt. Her eye area was HUGE! Jeff, and I were certain she had fractured a bone. We were really considering not taking her to church, just because how awful it looked. Sydney for sure has had her share of owies! She is just a bit clumsy. Just tonight, she was helping me cook, and somehow fell off the counter!! Ya, I have no clue. Well the obvious person to blame it on is her father. So in honor of Sydney's owies, here is the collection!

This owie occurred right after this picture was taken, Sadie knocked Syd of the bench. Thankfully for Photoshop we were able to cover up the massive bite mark left by Sadie on Sydney's cheek!

                        Poor little girl, life has taken a beating on her!!

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