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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekly Highlights

*Our Week*
This Saturday we went fishing!! This trip deserves a full post.
The girls were driving me really kinda crazy. So I found a box, and a shovel! Who would have thought, saved by dirt. Heads up to all that come to my house, there will most likely be several box's of dirt. I do what I must to maintain my sanity. If I can even be classified as sane ;)

Do you remember how Sadie is going through that whole mom stage     (http://dahisanddahers.blogspot.com/2014/02/mom-is-my-namecalling-it-is-game.html
Well it was one of those days. SO I told her to go talk to the horse. Poor horse

This girl. She cracks me up daily. This is her waking up from a nap. Note the purses, and the hair. Now she was put to bed with her hair done, and no purse's.

Squeaks is all over the place!! In our house there is a carpeted area by the kitchen. Squeaks gets put her often, while I cook, or clean. Well the girls and I were doing our thing, when I heard some serious breathing. A little nervous Darth Vator, had invited himself in. I turned to find this little girl poking her head around the corner!!

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