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His & Her = two

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Highlights

 Sadie had one of her best buds come over! I love how  happy Sadie gets to have Ella come play!

  While the girls were showering. Sydney looked at Sadie,and said "Sadie, I think your belly is getting bigger, maybe you have a baby inside"                                                   
 I was finishing getting ready, and Scarlett woke up.She was crying pretty hard, and I was trying to hurry. All of the sudden the crying stopped. I thought Squeaks was just playing. When I walked in to her room, to my surprise/delight 
Sadie was singing 'I am a child of God" to Squeaks!! 

I discovered the yummiest thing!! I put pancake mix into a muffin tin!! It was a hit!

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