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His & Her = two

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Highlights

I was able to visit my some of my best friends.Our kids loved playing with eachother!! Crazy to think we have kids!!

Got to spend sometime with Jill, Dave, and the boys. Jill and Dave have THE funnest toys. Sadie was in Heaven The one thing Sadie could not get enough of, was this swing!!! Yes, Jill, and Dave have a swing in their bedroom.. can you say GENIUS!! Sadie insisted I pushed her several times throughout the day! It was worth it for the smile, on her face!

 I am telling you, Lex and Des have some awesome parents! Sadie got to paint! 

 The next few higlights, I did not capture, but I still want to remember them. While I was in SLC, I got to go to IKEA! I was soo excited. 
I had a old manager pass away. He was a great man, and I really looked up to him. It worked out, that his funeral was in SLC. So I was able to to attend. It was bitter sweet. 
The final highlight, and probably my favorite. Was Sadie, Scarlett, and I returning home to Jeff, and Sydney. We surprised them, and came home a night early. The looks on their faces were priceless! We were sure glad to be home!!

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