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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mom is my name,calling it is a game.

So my darling Sadie Roo. She is a doll. I love her to death...I do. Sadie loves to talk. Since she was 1 month old she would mimic our gooing sounds. Sounds crazy I know! She totally would. That should have been our signal, that we had a busy body on our hands. At that time, it was just the cutest thing ever. Well, now it is super annoying still the cutest thing ever! Sadie literally talks from sun up, to sun down. Parents that complain about the "why" stage, have nothing on the 'Sadie stage', in fact I envy those parents! I am enduring loving the 'Sadie stage'. 

Sadie Stage: the, how, what, why, where, who, how, what, why, where is the doggie stage. Oh, and one more thing about this stage. Her favorite saying at the moment is...drum roll please..... MAMA!!! That's right MOM! Me myself, and I. Darling right?!?! WRONNNGGG! It was cute when she said it the first few times. Now to her, it is just a habit. She sings Twinkle little Star, and some how throws mom in there. If I do not respond, she than will sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, AMANDA, how I wonder what you are". I wish I had a button, that I could push, that would disable my response to mom, or even Amanda.  In one of my weakest moments. I was on the verge of a mental "mom" breakdown. I decided to capture this mom stage, in hopes, that one day it would be funny! So here it goes, a story about, a Sadie, three simple letters 

      "I coloring this pretty picture lalalala MOM"

 "I love to color MOOOMMM"
 "hey, hey, hey mom, I just coloring this picta". "AMANDA, I coloring"


      Hey Sadie. "huh, mom...Stop saying mom"? Yes, Sadie please stop saying mom

                                          "Ohhhhh okay. I will stop saying mom"

                                           " Ummmmmm, lalalala"
                                                                             M MOM"
                        "hahaha, AMANDA"

                                              Sadie! Please stop saying mom

                  " AHHHHHH I WANT MY DADDY"
                  "Why you being mean"

                                               Sadie, I love you, I am sorry.

                                                                  "Hey, mom"

                                          "Just playin, hey mom"

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  1. Hilarious and adorable!!! And she totally looks like Winston.