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His & Her = two

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Fun

Every day I answer this question-"what day is it", and when I answer Friday, I get 3 hysterically excited girls. You might not be aware, but my daughters have an obsession. They are totally obessed with their daddy, and Friday means tomorrow is Saturday. Saturday means "daddy no has to go to work".
The countdown begins, and we try to make time pass quickly. Often on Fridays we have Family sleepovers. A family sleepover is where we all sleep downstairs, eat popcorn, and watch a show. When the girls fall asleep Jeff and I drool over our sleeping beauties. We often question how we got so blessed. These nights are so sweet, and are always cherished. One weekend we even set up a tent, for the girls to have "camp out".


Christmas is super special around our house. We love celebrating the birth of our Savior. The girls are at a super fun age, and are really learning to get so excited about traditions. Holidays will only get better from here!

By looking at my house

By looking at my house you could probably not tell how hard I have worked all day long. By looking at my house you may think oh gee this bathroom needs a good clean. You would be stunned to know I cleaned it not too long ago, yesterday in fact, but by the hand prints on the mirror and mud on the floor you would never know. By looking at my house you may just think this laundry sure needs done, wouldn't you know, I have worked all day long to make that darn laundry go away. By looking at my house the kitchen may seem a tad gross. You would not even be able to tell that before lunch, the floor was sparkling clean. When you look at my house I hope you do see the love that is found all around. Sticky hands, messy faces, all along a smile on their faces. When you look at my house I hope you feel the spirit that here abounds, for in our home love is spoken . No matter how unclean it may seem, I hope by looking at my house you see a welcoming place, and feel the sweet spirits of those dirty little faces.

Friday, January 16, 2015

I don't want to grow up....

Last night Sydney as I was tucking Sydney into bed. We were talking about bed, and how we needed to do it. Well she looked at me and said "mama I dont want to ever grow up and leave you". I told her that she had no need to fear, I would always be there for her. I explained to her that dads mom was grandma, and we saw her often. To that she said, "no mama, we sometimes dont see her, I never want to grow up, I dont ever want to leave you". Her eyes filled with tears, and she hugged me so tightly. This little girl is growing, and she knows it. I don't want her to ever grow up either. I know she has to, and I know she will accept this, and be the most amazing women. I wanted to capture the moment in a capsule, and always remember, her smell, her eyes, her innocence. I want to remember the hard day we had previously before this, I want to remember the bitter as much as the sweet. If she could only see what I see. How I wish time could just stand still.