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His & Her = two

Friday, January 16, 2015

I don't want to grow up....

Last night Sydney as I was tucking Sydney into bed. We were talking about bed, and how we needed to do it. Well she looked at me and said "mama I dont want to ever grow up and leave you". I told her that she had no need to fear, I would always be there for her. I explained to her that dads mom was grandma, and we saw her often. To that she said, "no mama, we sometimes dont see her, I never want to grow up, I dont ever want to leave you". Her eyes filled with tears, and she hugged me so tightly. This little girl is growing, and she knows it. I don't want her to ever grow up either. I know she has to, and I know she will accept this, and be the most amazing women. I wanted to capture the moment in a capsule, and always remember, her smell, her eyes, her innocence. I want to remember the hard day we had previously before this, I want to remember the bitter as much as the sweet. If she could only see what I see. How I wish time could just stand still.

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