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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fire alarm

So I was in the 4 o clock rush. Jeff is to be home any minute, and I needed to get a move on with dinner. I nursed Scarlett, put in a movie for the girls, and I even gave them each a bowl of frozen grapes to snack on. I was good to go, and nothing was going to stop me... ya right. Well I carried on with faith in my heart that dinner prep would go smoothly. Well I don't know about you, but when I cook in the Kitchen, the kitchen gets hott (Jeff calls it smoky) Well we happen to have 2 very sensitive fire alarms. So a "hott" kitchen, and those smoke alarms do not get along. It is not a rare occurence when those things go off. 
So here I was cooking up a storm when....you guessed it. BEEP BEEP BEEP!! Inside I thought "oh shoot I really don't have time for this", so i tried to ignore and kept on cooking. Well before I knew it I felt a little tug Scarlett was pulling on my pants, in her hand she was gifting me a pillow. When these testy alarms go off, I fan them with a pillow. Even my one year old knows how to deal with these pesty things. I chuckled and told her to go find Sydney. Well to my horror, I heard a BEEP BEEP echo BEEP BEEP. Now the first fire alarm was going off in the kitchen, but the second testy alarm is where the TV is. Sure enough I soon had Sydney in the kitchen, getting quite upset that she could not watch the show. At this point I could feel my blood begin to boil, I could not get to the fire alarms because I had raw chicken on my hands. So right there and then I prayed, a simple but sincere prayer. I prayed the beeping would stop. Right after I said Amen they both stopped. Now this never happens on there own. I was shocked, and immediately felt warm and fuzzy. Heavenly Father heard me. My petty cry for help, but he was there!!! 

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  1. I love this! ...we are reminded by the simplest things sometimes but even the simplest things can affect us much greater than we expect them to. Love you and your blog!