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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A few of our favorite things

We truly love where we live. We are blessed to live in a beautiful house, and be surrounded by natures beauty. We really spend so much of our time outdoors. The girls love being outside, and by the end of the day are covered from head to toe in dirt. They stink, and are exhausted. But the smile on their faces, and the joy in there eyes, makes all the scrubbing worth it. When Jeff gets home he is the immediatly the star of the show. He is showered with hugs, and kiss's, and his attention is demanded by 3 darling girls! Jealous?!? I know I sure I! The jealousy quickly fades when he leads those lovely ladies outside to feed the horse, and kitties, and I am left with beautiful silence. I often gaze out my kitchen window, and breath in all the glorious blessing I have received. Outside of that window is my whole world. I look at the way my girls light up, and giggle with all their might. They love their dad. How awesome is that?! The relationship he has with each one of my girls, melts my heart. I love that man. 

Sometimes I peak out, and see something like this, and I almost faint from cuteness. Do you blame me?!

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