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Sunday, November 9, 2014

California our home away from home

My little sister was having a baby shower in California. I knew I had to make it there. So I decided to make a trip out of it. It is always a tough spot to decide to leave Jeff for a week, but I really miss my family. I would love if Jeff could come with me,but in order to make it worth it I need at least a week. With Jeff's Job that does not happen.So we decided that I would go down with Emma, and he would come at the end of the week and pick us up. This would have worked great, except I now have three children. Any car would not due, we would need at least a 7 seat van/SUV. Emma and Daniel, did not have enough seats. I considered leaving Sydney, and having her come at the end of the week with Jeff. I quickly threw that plan out of the window. I really wanted Sydney to have time with her family. With Jeff driving down the next weekend, it did not make sense for me to drive. We would then have 2 cars to drive home. Being the crazy person that I am, I told Emma I would sit in the back of the car. My mom caught wind of this, and before I knew it I got a phone call. She informed me that she would be driving up to help get us to California. She is a saint, and I could not believe her kindness. Although it was a 5 hour trip, and it would not even be a 24 hr break, before doing the drive again. She volunteered without hesitation. I am pretty blessed to have her as a mom!! 
Before we knew it we were off for our week get away. It was extremely hot, and poor Emma began to swell. We made it in good time, and it was so nice to be in California. I split up my time there with both of my sisters. I am so blessed to have sisters, that are as cool as mine. 
My Emma's baby shower was perfection. Everything was darling. I got to see lots of people I have not seen in years. Including one of my bestest friends. My sister Katherine lives right by the ocean, so we made a afternoon of so beach time. Katherine was so prepared, and the experience was so enjoyable because of it. The kids had the time of their life. Surprisingly Sadie was a little more hestitant about that big blue ocean, and Sydney was in love. Sydney got rolled several times by the waves, but kept on going back in. It was so awesome to watch her love something that is so special to me. Scarlett hung out with Quinn, and no doubt ate way to much sand, and had way too much fun. We were even fortunate enough to see dolphins not too far out. It was truly amazing.  I was so excited because we were able to spend the Fourth of July       (which is my favorite holiday) with some of my favorite people. My amazing friend Ali made these darling tutus for the girls. We went to a great park, and watched fireworks. The girls were in love. Before we knew it Jeff made his apperance. The girls were beyond thrilled, and I was right there with them!! Time went by way too fast, and we were headed home. I love California, and I love my family. I cherish those times I get to visit.

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