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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We love to see the temple

Going anywhere with 3 children is just a tad tricky. Most of the time we are done before we start. We have figured out that simple is best. With the discovery of simplicity being amazing, we have discovered our new favorite place! The temple. We go there often, and the girls actually beg for it. We always go inside of the visitor center, and the girls listen to the Christ statue. The sister missionaries are always so kind, and the girls love talking with them. We then head over and look at the pictures of Christ's life. We go through each picture, and discuss what it is a picture of. We then make our way outside, and by this point it is a good thing we do. We run outside, and Jeff goes with them up the stairs to touch the temple. He explains to them, that someday they will be able to go inside. They love hearing that. I love that the temple is such a special place to them this early on in life

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