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His & Her = two

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sisters, what more can a girl ask for?!

Sydney, and Sadie are best friends. They fight like none other, but they also love each other so much. Their relationship is exhausting, but I am so glad they have each other. It has been fun to watch Scarlett grow up with Syd, and Sadie. Scarlett is not afraid of anything, thanks to them. She will totally stand her ground, and even fight back. It is hilarious sad when Sadie comes screaming to me that Scarlett bit her. Sydney, and Sadie love her so much. They have even begun to sneak her outside. The other day I was looking everywhere for Scarlett. Sydney was at school, and Sadie was outside. Panicked I ran outside on a whim, and sure enough. I found Sadie holding Scarlett's hand, trying to help her get on the trampoline!!


  1. I love seeing all your posts! good work :) I love the temple post especially. Josh made my blog private (grrr...) I don't know if you ever peek at our's- but you should email me and I could prob figure out how to invite ya! jennicawoodbury@gmail.com

  2. They have good times together! Cute!