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His & Her = two

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer time fun

This summer we have tried to be as active as we could. Knowing our little family would change for ever, was motivation to keep going. Although we did not do too many exciting things we did a lot of staple fun things. Living in Saint George is fantastic, but the extent of exciting things to do is minimal. I mean the closest thing we have to a zoo is the pet store…you follow. So we went to story time, played with our cousins, the splash pad became our second home, and playing with grandma. I hope that next summer I will be able to make up for this one! 

We Also took lots of showers.....

We wore ourselves out, to the point of bring our pillow and blanket and sprawling in the middle of the floor
like I said so worn out, taking naps in random places

Helped daddy mow our weeds. My husband
is so amazing!

We also played dress up

Our grandma is so awesome she got us a pool!!

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