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His & Her = two

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sydney is my sweet little big girl. She is so fun to hang out with, and loves to pre tend. Sydney is so independent, and wants to do everything by herself. She still is not the greatest eater. I have decided not to focus on that too much. I allow her to choose what she wants to eat, on her plate. She can count to twenty, tries to go higher, but twenty is usually her go back to number. She knows her Abc’s, and almost knows all of her letters. She loves to draw, and write letters. Sydney is a pretty easy going child, the two’s have definitely made there presence known, but for the most part she is a good little girl! Sydney can be a girly girl, but she loves to play outside, and collects rocks everywhere we go. She loves to pretend to be an airplane. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, she replied "I want to go on a plane". She loves when her hair is pretty, she just hates the getting ready part! She loves shoes, and is starting to get an opinion on what she wears.

I had a Doctors appt this early this week, and Jeff volunteered to 
get Sydney up, and take her to work, until I came and grabbed
her. I was so impressed with how cute he dressed her. He even
did her hair in a perfect pony! He is an amazing dad.

  The other day I went to the bathroom. When I came out I 
felt a draft. I ran to the door, and sure enough it was wide 
open. It had rained for a few days, so it was super muddy outside.
I found Sydney in our neighbors yard, playing with blocks!! 
No shoes, still her her jammies, and covered in mud! We 
are ready for summer.

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