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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweet Moments

This week was super chill. The girls, and I just relaxed. It has gotten colder outside, and it has made going out.. chilly! I love spending times with these little ones, they always put a smile on my face!
I was making breakfast, and I called to Jeff, and asked if he wanted me to bring it to him. Next thing I heard was..”Jeff come get breakfast”!! Sydney all morning called Jeff Jeff!!

Sadie is such a ladie!! Lately she has been walking around with her sparkly shoes, and white beaded necklace. She could be in a diaper, but these two accessories will be on.(bad mom moment, must get pic)

Jeff took Sydney on a horse ride, to go find deer. When they came back, Sydney would not stop talking about all the deer! It was so cute. Jeff said Spice got a little excited, and starting galloping, and Sydney said “ho boy ho”!! She is talking more and more I love our conversations!!

Sadie is blessed to have amazing grandparents. She loves them all!! The one that she is super close to is Grandpa Roberts. She seriously loves that man! I left something at their house, and Sadie and I went to go pick it up. When we got there her first question to gram was “wheres grandpa”. He was not home, and she did not like that! Anytime we are over there she is with him as much as she can be. Her face lights up every time she sees him! I love that she can have that relationship with her GREAT grandpa!

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