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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Family Fun

We had the fun of having the family at the mabin last weekend. Sydney loved playing with Hannah, and Hayden. She has asked about them since, so we are looking forward to our next visit! We had lots of fun hanging out, doing yard work, and eating! Typical mabin fun. The weather was gorgeous, and the kids had a lot of good playing time. We love when family comes to visit! We also had the pleasure of meeting sweet Kinley. The girls were OBSESSED with her, and loved looking at her. I love how motherly they are…we have to keep a close eye of Sadie she gives rough love!!


This picture is priceless. Hannah

asked grandma why there were

two grasshoppers on top of eachother.

Grandma decided this was one for Amber.


This is Hannah running over to

her mom, to get an answer.


Amber thought quick, and Hannah

walked away satisfied!!




Sadie loved the Hay, but I soon realized

she was allergic. Grandma was so kind, and

kept Sydney. Sadie, and I went back to the house.

The kids loved spending time with grandma. They even

had a picnic on the top of the hay pile. In which

I heard Sydney, had her fill of fruit snacks

for over a week!!!



No matter what grandma always

finds time to pull weeds!!



We love our Mabin time. We are

so grateful to mom, and dad for having

this be our family place!! We are blessed

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