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His & Her = two

Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year I feel as though we REALLY celebrated Halloween. Dressing up 7 days in a row was a blast. So when I told the girls it was the real thing. They got super excited. They grabbed there buckets, and headed for the door. They really did not want to take pictures, they just wanted to say those three magic words “trick, or, treat”! We met up with some friends. The neighborhoods here are HUGE. We went around 1 block, and it took 2 hours!! It was so nice, the weather was perfect. The street was not busy at all. So we did not have to worry about cars. It truly was Ideal. Each house was so friendly, and gave tons of candy. Jeff and I were pretty excited haha! Sadie was darling. She would go to the door all by herself, say trick or treat and thank you. She than would run back as quick as she could to show us her prize. I will never forget the light in her eyes when she was given candy!! Her chubby hand could not grab it fast enough!! I think her favorite holiday will be Halloween!! Sydney had so much fun, and totally knew what to do. I love having kids during the holidays, it makes all the magic come back. I am so in love with my life. There are hard times, but when night time comes, and I kiss my girls good night all is



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