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His & Her = two

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was a BLAST! I have an amazing friend, who can basically do anything. I had the great idea to have Sydney be Cindy Lou-Hoo. I knew finding a pink gown would be hard. So I decided to attempt to make it. This is where I recruited Lindsy!! She is an amazing seamstress, and was willing to help take on the task. I sewed a few stitches, but she really did it all! It was darling! Sadie was a Hoo, and was darling as usual. We went Trick-or-Treating, in a fantasy world! Seriously this place was unreal. There was a little train that took the kids on rides. Homemade, kettle corn, corn dogs, fries, donuts, and hot chocolate! Sydney was havin a blast. At first she did not fully understand, but by the end she would scream, if we did not stop at every house!!
My Inspiration

Before Candy

After Candy

She looks like her doesn't she!??

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