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His & Her = two

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A much needed update

Sydney & Sadie will not stop growing!!Sadie is 28 pounds, while Sydney is 33. Sydney has had an amazing appetite lately. She must be growing, and I am soaking in how well she is eating. Sydney almost looks chubby, so I am sure she is going to sprout up. Sadie is still the best little eater, and as bossy as every. Sadie has such a little personality, and keeps us on our toes. We are going to have to really work with her to be nice to other little kids. Sydney has always been easy going, and friendly. Sadie is to an extent, but she is bossy. I think it is because she has Sydney telling her what to do. Sydney & Sadie are nursery pro’s, and absolutely love nursery. It is a way nice break for Jeff & I. We just put an offer in on a house. We were trying not to really talk about it. We are at the point that we are okay with whatever happens. The house is a short sale, and our offer was accepted by the buyer. It is now in the banks hands. This can be a pretty long process, so we are just hangin in there. This pregnancy lately has been so easy. With all the running around I do, I am surprised I am not more tired. It is a a true blessing. By the bed time all that running around starts to catch up to me, but I just go to sleep. Our little girl is THE most active baby I have had yet. Which is crazy, because Sadie was wild. I am praying that her craziness will not continue out of the womb. I will for go crazier if I have another Sadie!!! 

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