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His & Her = two

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random Moments

Sydney gets way bad bloody nose’s. Jeff gets them as well, so I am not too concerned. The other night Jeff and I heard Sydney fussing in her bed. That was unusual, because she will usually fall right asleep. We waited a minute, and she stopped. We thought nothing of it. Well the next morning I went to go grab Sydney, and this is what I found!! Poor thing had a bloody nose. She said “Mama, I have red boogers!”
Doing laundry around here is hit or miss. Sometimes I am able to put the clothes away, and the girls will just play. Other times this happens….

Sydney and Sadie were playing with me, and I was putting away clothes. Well I heard them go down stairs. They both were in crazy moods, so I knew I could not leave them alone. So I hurried, and put away the item of clothing I had. Than I ran downstairs. This happened seriously with in a minute!!

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