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Thursday, April 4, 2013

California trip

Jeff’s job has been a blessing in so many ways. One of these blessings is getting to get away to California more often. Jeff Covers the Malibu resort marketing, as well as the Saint George resort. Any of the California trips he takes, I try my hardest to tag along. We were able to go recently, and it was so fun. Sadly both Sydney, and Sadie got sick while there so they were not on there best behavior. But I was more than thrilled to have all the family time I could. I got to stay with both of my sisters, and saw my mom almost every day! We also were able to go see a sunset at the beach. It was incredible. Sydney is still asking about her cousin Kailey! I was also able to catch up with some friends, it is always fun seeing where every one is now! My brother also made a last minute visit, and it was so fun to see him! Sydney & Sadie are both daddies girl's so being in a new place with no dad was a bit hard on them. Especially Sadie. On our drive back she refused to let go of him literally. Even the next day she would not leave his side, and actually fell asleep on him!!

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