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Monday, January 28, 2013

Pregnancy Diaries-4

My California trip was amazing. Being around family was awesome. There were so many times I wanted to say something. At one point my sister Kelly asked me if my periods had begun to be normal. It was just her, and I in the car. I was so close just to letting it out. I wanted to tell her so bad! The fear got the best of me, and I decided agaisnt it. I packed not really thinking about me showing. So throughout the days on the trip Jeff had to keep telling me to cover my belly. Haha. He said you could totally tell. My sisters probably knew!! I really wanted to see a few people while I was there. I guess I am too vain, and decided agaisnt it. I was not ready for them just to think I was fat(so lame, and yes I just admitted that.). We had Christmas Eve at my Brother In Laws families house. My sisters, and there husbands and Jeff and I were eating dinner. I think it was my brother in law Keith who said “So Jeff now would be a great time to tell us the news”, Jeff froze! I just started laughing. Thankfully we pulled it off, and everyone just laughed. There were many close calls. I cannot wait to be open about this pregnancy!

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