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Friday, January 25, 2013

Pregnancy Diaries-3

I did it! Somehow I managed to get through Christmas without saying a word!! The night before we left for California. Sadie was having a bit of a hard time breathing, and her eyes were red. We noticed earlier a hive/bug bite we were not sure. We decided to go ahead, and put her to bed, and keep an eye on her the next day. She woke up still not feeling 100%, but she was better than the night before. The hive/bug bite on her neck was gone. So I was confident she would be okay. Well she was pretty fussy, and her nose was super runny. I was trying to get last minute things wrapped up to be ready to leave when Jeff got home. I let the girls play upstairs, Sadie started crying. So I decided to go and check out what was up. Well she was jumping on Sydney’s bed, and Sydney was over by the door. I picked Sadie up to try and

console her, but she was inconsolable, I started to get nervous. Her breathing was sounding difficult, and nose was running like crazy, and her eyes were puffy. It seemed like an allergic reaction, but I could not figure what from. I gave her Benadryl, and put her in a warm bath. I decided she needed to be taken in, so I really had to get everything done. As I got her undressed I noticed a red big bump on her side. It looked like a bug bite that she had been scratching!! So I hurried, and got everything done. I dropped Sydney off to Jeff, and off I was to the Dr. When we showed up they let me know the next time she could be seen would be 450, and it was only 130. I decided to go to instant care. I did not want to have her suffer. We were seen pretty much right away. When the nurse saw her “bug bite” she said oh man that is a good one. The doctor came, and looked at it. He felt it, and he said well it was not hard under the bite. He was not sure what kind of bug it was. So he looked closer, and asked if I had a dog…. I said no, but she has an older sister. He said it looked like a dog bite, because there was no teeth marks. Well Sadie was in footsie pj’s all morning, so I knew Sydney must have bit her through her pj’s!! In Sydney’s defense Sadie has bit Sydney multiple times!! So I guess Sydney got her back!! The Dr. listened to Sadie's breathing, and decided she had quite a bit of congestion in her throat. He gave her a steroid to help her breathe better. He than told me that her cheeks were extremely rosy. They get this way when she does not feel well, or teething. So I had not given it a second thought. Well he let me know it could be a virus call slapped face. He told me the symptoms, and explained it would just go away. He asked if I was pregnant, and when I told him yes. He got nervous. He told me that if I were to get this virus, I could miscarry!!! Inside I panicked, my sister Kelly is pregnant, and that is who we were staying with in California!! I was worried about her, and I. The Dr. told me I needed to go to my doctor, and have blood drawn to see if I had antibodies to this virus, and if not I would need to go to the hospital, and have some put in. I was terrified. I began to feel sick, but knew I needed to carry on. My Doctor’s office is right across from the instant care. So I walked over, and calmly said I needed to schedule an appointment asap. They said the next one available was for the next day. I decided to take it. The girl asked what it was for, and calmly I said well my daughter may have a virus that could cause me to miscarry!! The girl was calm, but you could tell she was nervous. She immediately got up, and I was left there with every worse case scenario playing in my head. She came back, and said they would get me in first thing. Well Sam my doctor’s nurse came out, and said “ Amanda, we have an ob here, and he said that there was 1 in 100 chance that you would miscarry”, She was so sweet, and reassuring. That is when I lost it!! AWQKWARDDD!! But they let me know they understood, and wanted to do what was comfortable to me. I felt a sense of calm come over me, and I knew it would all be okay. So here I am pregnant, or so I hope!!! Sadie’s face cleared up the next day so she did not even have it! All that stress for nothing!! I will talk more about California in the next post!

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