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Monday, January 21, 2013

A day in the life…

I swear at the end of some days, I sit down, and just laugh. Terrible twos have come, and sadly my Sadie is following happily in her sisters lead. At times I just go crazy, and sometimes I just laugh. We do not have a dishwasher, so trying to keep up on dishes it quite the task. I have really been making an effort this past few weeks. The other day the girls woke up early from there nap. I really wanted to have all dishes done before I started dinner. So I tried to keep the girls entertained while doing dishes. I got involved with dishes, and heard the girls head up the stairs. I knew them upstairs could mean disaster. I stopped dishes, and went upstairs. As I was going up the stairs the girls slammed Sydney’s door. They were laughing, and sounded like they were having fun. As I opened the door to Sydney's room I saw complete chaos. With in minutes they had emptied out Sydney's dresser, pulled off all of Sydney's covers, and broke a picture frame! I seriously had to leave the room, and just breath for a minute. I was so frustrated, but as soon as I walked it the room. I saw Sadie picking up the clothes, and shoving them in the drawers. In August I potty trained Sydney. I guess I was going along with the crowd. I had some people tell me how easy there kids were to train. I assumed Sydney would be the same. It was not easy, but she seemed to get it. She was potty trained for a good month, and than she totally regressed. It was so depressing, and discouraging. I did not want to make potty training a negative experience so I just went along with it. Recently Sydney has began to show interest. So I have let her decide when she wants to wear big girl pants. She has done well. So the other day we went to story time. Sydney got  my stubbornness, and was determined to wear big girl pants. She had been doing well so I reluctantly agreed. I went early, and took Sydney to the toilet. She is not afraid of the toilet, but she insisted that she did not need to go. We had a conversation about the bathroom. She said she would tell me when she had to go. I had her in a dress, and leggings, and brought extras just in case. We sat as close as we could to the bathroom. During story time Sydney looked at me and said I need to go potty. I was ecstatic. I got her up and went to the bathroom. As She was pulling down her pants I noticed her leggings were wet! I asked if she went potty. She said “ya I go potty oops”. Story time was still going on, and the bathroom is right in the middle of story time. I was so afraid to see if there was a wet spot where Sydney was. I finally got brave enough and exited the bathroom. I quickly scanned the spot where Sydney was. There was definitely  a wet spot!! I DIED!!!! It was small, but there. I hurried out with the girls. I contemplated informing the front desk, but the girls were so loud. I just left. Yes Sydney peed on the Library floor, and I just left!!!! Ya….. like I said sometimes at night I just laugh.

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