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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pregnancy Diaries-2

Oh my goodness this is getting hard not to say. I can talk to my girls, and Jeff. That is what helps me through. Than again the fear of actually announcing is much too big. I am ten weeks. My due date is in July. That is all I will say, because I know an actual due date is unreal. So Sometime in July…maybe even August this angel will make an appearance. I got up enough courage, and made a Doctors appointment. I cheated, and set it up with Dr. Ott. I love Dr. Thompson, and I was still planning on having him as a family Doctor, but I was so afraid of his office!! So the easy way was to go to a new Doctor. I told Jeff I finally set up an appointment, he was super excited…until I told him who it was with. He told me he understood my fears, but that doctor Thompson was amazing. He reminded me of how great, and good of a doctor he was. I immediately knew he was right. Although it was not easy, I cancelled my appointment with Dr.Ott, and scheduled with Dr. Thompson!! That was an achievement, let me tell you. So the appointment was on Friday, and everything went well. Jeff was unable to come with me due to work. We kept in touch throughout the entire appointment, and it felt as if he was there. Jeff’s sweet Grandma was so kind to let the girls nap at her house while I went to the appointment. We are so grateful to her. It was nice to be able to express my concerns, and ask my questions without being rushed by my little ones. When I walked back Dr. Thompsons nurse saw me, and said “AMANDA,YAY”! I knew at that time I made the right choice. Dr. Thompson came in, and he was so kind. He went to listen for the heart beat, and right as he laid the instrument on my tummy, I heard the lovely beating of my babies heart!! It was awesome. We than went to go, and get a ultra sound. It was so fun seeing this little baby!! This baby is quite the mover, and I am sure we will have our hands full!! This next week we are going to California. I totally have a bump. I do not know how I will pull this off. Hopefully I can just claim to be fat. I have still been sick. Pretty much just at night. I have only thrown up twice. My energy level is still negative, and my house is still in turmoil. I have craved salty foods. Not anything sweet. Sweet does not sound too great. I am not sure how much longer we can keep this quite haha.

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  1. Love you much. Thank you for sharing. {{{hugs}}}