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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Moments

Sydney has a teddy bear that her grams sent her. She adores it, and has named it Tappy Bear! Sydney for some odd reason gets bloody noses often. The other morning I get Sydney out of her crib. Sydney was sitting in one corner, and Tappy was in the other. Sydney looked way concerned and said “mommy, Tappy pooped”. I was like oh brother Sydney took of her diaper. When I picked up to look at Tappy I realized blood was all over it! Sydney had a bloody nose, but was convinced Tappy pooped!!!

I had gotten Sadie out of the tub, dried her all off and lotioned her down. I then proceeded to get Sydney out. I looked over at the tub, and realize that Sadie was reaching for a toy. Before I could stop her. She flipped right into the tub!!

On Sunday we went up to Pine Valley  to watch conference. When it was over we walked up to the water tank. They were just finishing it, so there was a latter you could use to climb up. Jeff went up,and the girls and I stayed down. Sydney was having a fit! She wanted up so bad. The water tank was probably 13ft, and the only way up was this little latter. Jeff said he could take her up. She had a blast! She was sad when she had to get down! Crazy Kid

Sadie LOVES to eat! She has started to sit in her chair, and eat as fast as she can. She than will whine, until I get her down. Sydney is always still in her high chair. So Sadie tip toes over to Sydney’s high chair, and as quickly, and quietly as can be shoves reaches her chubby hand onto Sydney’s tray. and grabs whatever she can. She than sprints off!!! It is hilarious. She will do this multiple times

How awesome was conference!!! Seriously I think this was the first year I truly appreciated, and understood the importance of all of the talks! I totally cried when the ages were changed to go on missions!!!!! This gave me chills! The Lord is truly aware of our times and situation….I sure hope China is opened soon!!

No new temple built in Texas…(Beechers, looks like we are staying put lol)

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