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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We have gone to the rodeo for the past 4 yrs, and every time it is a blast! This year we went with our friends, and family. Sadie, and Sydney are both at the perfect age! They loved every minute of it. Sadie was determined to be a big kid,and was determined to let us allow her to stand with all the big kids!! Sydney loved it, but instead of cheering for the cowboys she would cheer for the animals. She was very concerned about there well being, and would always shout “run away _____”(insert any animal). She would than look at Jeff, and I as ask if the animal was okay! It was pretty cute. It was so fun to see there reactions to all of the events. We were able to stay for the entire thing! The girls did not want to leave. As long as we are in Saint George, the rodeo will be a traditionJeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 076Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 078Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 080Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 081Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 082Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 083Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 084Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 085Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 086Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 087Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 088Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 089Jeff's iPhone 10_8_2012 092! Who knows maybe one day Sydney or Sadie will be the rodeo princess haha!!

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