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His & Her = two

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Throughout the summer we went fishing several times. A lot of the time, we would go out to baker. It was so pretty,and so peaceful there. I am not a huge fan of fishing, but I loved hanging out on the shore with the girls. Actually fishing was not that bad, it was a fun family activity. The girls loved splashing in the water, and throwing rocks. I am so glad Jeff knows how to do these fun out door  things!

fish 2fish 3fish 1fish 4fish 5fish 6fish 7fish 9Sadie had THE worst bum rash from teething, so we let her bum air out.fish 10fish 12fish 13fish 14Jeff have would help Sydney real in the fish! This was one of her favorite things!!!!!fish 15fish 17fish 18fish 19fish 20fish 21fish 22fish 23fish 24

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