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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sweet Moments

Sadie loves her big sister. We decided this week, the reason she came soo soon after Sydney. Was because Heavenly Father was tired of her asking where sister was!!! Every moment that Sadie is without Sydney, Sadie will continually ask “where sista”!

Sydney is super smart! I am sure every parent says that about their kids! I guess it is just the parent instinct I guess! Well this week has been monumental, for our relationship. I was making dinner, and Sydney came and asked for a cookie. I explained to her that we needed to eat dinner first, but after she could have a cookie. I was somewhat ready for a fight. Instead she looked up at me with her beautiful big blue eyes and said “okay, I can wait”!! I swear the clouds parted and the heavens opened!! Amazing moment.

I was making cookies, and Sadie came up and pulled on my pant leg. She said “up”, and instead of making up some lame excuse of why I could not pick her up. I lifted her chubby little self, and set her on the counter. She sat with me, and helped me make cookies. It was such a sweet moment, and I got a glimpse of just of blessed I am!

Today we went to the DI, and we went to the outside area. Sydney ran off, and by the time I had caught up to her. She had found a little toy car that she could sit on, and push herself or be pushed. I allowed her to play on it while looking at some things. I was done, and let Sydney know it was time to go. I attempted to lift her off. Ya, that did not happen. I knew it was a battle I would lose. Honestly I did not have the fight in me. So I said fine and walked on. Sydney followed behind Sadie, and I through all the store. We were ready to check out, and I decided to get it. It was 3 bucks, and she really is never this adamant. I thought as we left the store, she would allow me to hold it. I was wrong. She proceeded on. On the way out a darling old lady was walking in the store. Sydney stopped her, and said “look at my car, it is cute, it is pretty” The lady was so kind, and talked to Sydney for a few minutes!

This week went by wayy too quick. I am constantly amazed at where my family is!! I am so happy, and so proud of where we are. Jeff’s job is going really well, and we feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I was thinking about where we are, and I cannot express how grateful I am for Jeff!! He completed a bachelors degree at BYU after serving a mission, by the age of 24. To top that off he was DEBT free!! He paid for school all by himself. He is such a hard, and dedicated work. In the beginning I did not understand why he saved so much. Now I cannot see how I did not see how crucial saving was! He is my example, and my very best friend. I love him to death.

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