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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We had the opportunity to go up to koosharim(sp?). We met a lot of Leeann’s kids. It was tons of fun. We got there Friday night, and got our stuff all situated in the motor home. We than went over to Megan and Andrews house, and put on a movie for the kids. We talked and got better acquainted. We than decided to go put the kids to bed. The Motor home is parked right next to Megan, and Andrews house. We had 2 pack n plays, and put the girls to bed. Jeff waited for a while to make sure they were asleep. We than went inside and played games! It was so much fun. We will defiantly be heading up there again! After games we went over to the motor home, and I heard Sydney crying! Jeff and I hurried to see what was wrong. When we got into the motorhome we realized Sydney was no longer in her pack n play, and she had taken off her pj’s. She was freezing! In the back of the motorhome there are two twin beds. So Jeff got her dressed, and had her lay with him. I got a little heater, and just held it over them for a little bit. I than got into bed. Well Sydney is a wiggler, and could not get comfy. We decided we should put her back in the pack n play. We tried to do that, but she would not have it! We were a little worried about what to do. But we decided to make a little bed in-between the two twin beds, on the floor. We did this, and layed her down. She fell right asleep!! I loved looking at her throughout the night. She is so cute when she is asleep! In the morning we got up and had German pancakes, potatoes, and fried spam ( yuck, no worries I did not participate!). We got ready for the day, and then we headed off to Otter Creek. This lake was gorgeous. The boys fished, and the girl’s talked while the kid’s played. It was a fun relaxing day. We fished for quite a while, and then decided we would go grab dinner. The boys wanted to fish just a little more, so we left all of our stuff at our spot. We ate, and came back to find all of our stuff everywhere! A big wind picked up, and half of the stuff got dragged into the water! The guy next to us was kind enough to get it for us! We decided we would just call it a day. Leeann had told us we could listen to elk bugle right by her house. I was curious, and wanted to give it a try. We headed up the mountain, and Andrew started his elk call. Not too long after, we started getting responses! It was so neat. We thought we heard one pretty close, so Andrew called again. All of the sudden we heard branches snapping, and leaves being stomped on. The next thing we saw, was a HUGE elk come out of the brush!!! I was scared, but it was awesome. Right when the Elk realized there was humans it turned around and ran off!! That was a once in a lifetime experience. Koosharim was beautiful! It is a tiny little town, and when I say tiny I mean TINY! There is only 2 teachers at the elementary school! The nearest grocery store is 45 mins away. I thought I had it bad!! Before living in Diamond Valley, I would think that was impossible. Now living here, I love being able to get away from the busy city life. Jeff wants to go to Koosharim asap! So I am sure it will happen!!

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