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Monday, October 22, 2012

Sweet Moments

This week was a fun filled week!! We had the opportunity to attend Nykell’s reception/sealing. It was a beautiful sealing, and a fun reception! We also enjoyed the company of Jeff’s family from Logan, and Nevada.

* The girls, and I were running errands, and naturally every car ride is a dance party. Well we were dancing along, and all of the sudden our theme song came on. Sydney was so excited, and soon enough I realized I was not singing alone!!! Sydney was totally singing along! I wish I could have recorded it!

* I got Sadie dressed, and sent her on her way. Well she is kinda klutzy.. she gets that from her dad, obviously Winking smile. So she takes a few steps and falls, gets up and falls again. By the fourth fall I came to the conclusion this was beyond klutzy. So I went and picked her up. I realized I had put both of her legs, in 1 pant leg!! haha. Oh dear

* At the reception, music was playing. Sydney looked at me, and said “mom I want to dance”. So I let her go, and she went right up on the stage. She danced forever! After a while, they announced the first dance. So I went, and grabbed Sydney off the stage. We ended up having to leave, kicking and screaming out the door, yelling “ I want to shake it, I want to dance”!

*Sadie is the boss. Especially lately. She is really starting to stand her ground. Well we were at church, and Sydney took Sadie’s toy. Jeff and I were about to intervene. We were not fast enough. Immediately Sadie takes he plastic snack cup, and starts whacking Sydney in the head!!! We could not help but hold back laughs!! This girl has spunk!! I love her

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